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August 27, 2019 Father 3 comments

Sep 18, With a new baby, the right gear makes a world of difference. The Good BUY NOW. New parents have a lot of extra stuff to carry around.

Building a baby registry list is overwhelming! Trying to figure out what baby products to register for and what your baby will actually need/ use its first year of life is challenging. So, let us help. This is your basic “if I knew then what I know now” registry. It’s the exact list I would give my sister or a good friend. As a mother of five through both birth and adoption, I have been through this baby registry process enough to know what works and what doesn’t. I hope my experience can help ease your mind and help you design the perfect baby registry list for your new baby.

Of course, once your shower is over and you’ve washed and folded all the mini clothes in fragrance-free detergent, there are more things to buy (that no one is going to want to buy you) and many things that are great to get used. We’ve made notes of those, too.

(For your convenience, we’ve linked everything where possible.)

50 Must Haves to Put on Your Baby Registry List + 5 Things to Skip

Top 10 Must-Have Baby Items for EVERY Baby Registry List

There are certain items that every new parent is going to need to buy or borrow. Of course, it is easy to get lost in the mega baby stores and feel like you need to add hundreds of items to your baby registry but the truth is you don’t. Your baby really just needs you (your love and your boob), some onesies, a swaddle blanket and somewhere safe to sleep. However, the following ten items will make your life a lot easier which is why these are the baby products we believe every new mom needs to have on their baby registry list.

  1. Swaddle Blankets- 

    There is a reason you see newborns all swaddled up in the hospital. Those labor & delivery nurses know how to wrap those babies up like little burritos for a reason. It keeps those babies feeling safe and comfortable so they sleep. And, sleep is CRUCIAL for new parents and their babies. So, take notes in the hospital. Make sure that nurse gives you a thorough rundown before you leave and make sure you have plenty of swaddle blankets, like these ones, ready when you arrive home.

  2. Infant Car Seat-

    Did you know you cannot leave the hospital without a properly installed infant car seat? This is a non-negotiable you must register or purchase an infant car seat. This is one item you definitely will want to purchase new. The Chicco KeyFit 30 has been a favorite for years and lately, I have seen a lot of moms boasting about the UPPAbaby MESA Infant Car Seat. It has a 5-star ease of use rating from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.

  3. Stroller- 

    Although you don’t technically need a stroller per say, I believe the mental boost a new mama gets when she takes a walk with her baby is invaluable. Plus, when you are talking about convenience a stroller is a definite must-have on any new parents list. It can be as basic as a snap & go or as fancy as you would like. Either way, just figure it out and add your favorites to your baby registry list. These can get very pricey and it is definitely nice when you receive them as a gift. If you like to travel or live in the city check out the NEW UPPAbaby Minu stroller. It folds and unfolds easier than anything else I have found. Check out the video here.

  4. Double Electric Breast Pump-

    If you plan to breastfeed your newborn you will definitely want a really nice double electric breast pump, I always LOVED this one from Medela. Not only does this allow you to get a strong and steady milk supply in from the beginning, but it also gives you freedom later on. I recommend you freeze your milk so that your partner can help with nighttime feedings eventually and you can actually leave your baby occasionally and get out into the real world. It helps to keep a new mama sane! You can also opt for a manual pump like this one too! Always check to see if your insurance covers a breast pump- find out how here.

  5. Meal Service-

    Yes! I am totally putting this on the list because being a new parent is EXHAUSTING and you will NOT have time to cook yourself a decent meal which you will badly need. So, create your baby registry on a site like Babylist where you can add things you don’t normally think about like gift certificates, cash and items from any store (including Etsy). Start your Babylist registry today to be eligible for Free Hello Baby Box!

  6. Nursing Pillow-

    Whether you are planning on nursing or not these pillows are indispensable. Nursing pillows are great for helping tired new mamas hold their babies while breast or bottle feeding them. Nursing pillows also work great for visitors especially little kids who want to try holding the baby. Of course, these pillows often convert to helping babies sit up later on as well.

  7. Cute Onesies or Gowns- 

    Babies live in onesies and gowns those first few weeks, especially if they are summer babies. If you have your baby in the winter or live in an area that is colder this probably translates to sleepers. I always loved the kimono style onesies when mine were newborns.

  8. Baby Swing-

    Newborns are operating on a total opposite sleep cycle when they arrive thanks to being rocked to sleep in their mothers all day long. So, having a swing around to help give your arms a rest and help them get onto a normal sleep cycle is a major bonus. There are tons of newer versions on the market but I still love the classic ones like this one by Graco.

  9. Sound Machine-

    Again, going back to this whole sleep thing. It is super important that you and your baby get enough sleep. Noise machines are on the top of every mom’s must-have items. A noise machine helps your baby go to sleep because it reminds them of the noisy womb they were in for the past 9 months. You can go with a classic version like this or you can get this one that you can control from your smartphone. And, it helps train them to sleep with noise which is a very valuable skill.

  10. Baby Carrier-

     Mamas are busy people. Unless you are fortunate enough to have a housecleaner, someone to do your laundry and clean your dishes you are going to need your hands on occasion. This is where a handy baby carrier comes in and it is why a baby carrier belongs on every baby registry list. I used a sling style with my first three babies and an ergo carrier with the next two. Either way, you will appreciate having your hands back, especially if you already have other kids in the house!

Essential Baby Sleep Products for your Baby Registry List

The one thing that changes the most when you bring home your newborn baby, besides the intense love for this little stranger, is SLEEP. Your sleep pattern or lack thereof is something that a new parent inevitably has to deal with. However, you can arm yourself with all the gear to get that baby sleeping as soon as possible and that is what this baby registry list can do.

  • Newborn Sleep Space-

    Your cuddly newborn is going to need somewhere to sleep. Popular choices include Dock A Tot for in the bed with you, a bassinet, or co-sleeper. Parents in certain states can qualify for a free Baby Box see here for details.

  • Swaddle Blankets-

    We said this above, but we will say it again in case you skimmed! There is a reason you see newborns all swaddled up in the hospital. Those labor & delivery nurses know how to wrap babies up like little burritos for a reason. It keeps those babies feeling safe and comfortable so they sleep. And, sleep is CRUCIAL for new parents and their babies. So, take notes in the hospital. Make sure that the nurse gives you a thorough rundown before you leave and make sure you have plenty of swaddle blankets, like these ones, ready when you arrive home.

  • Sound Machine-

    Another repeat from above. Again, going back to this whole sleep thing. It is super important that you and your baby get enough sleep. Noise machines are on the top of ever moms must-have items. A noise machine helps your baby go to sleep because it reminds them of the noisy womb they were in for the past 9 months. You can go with a classic version like this or you can get this one that you can control from your smartphone. And, it helps train them to sleep with noise a very valuable skill.

  • Baby monitor

    The trend today is video and there are a lot of options. Currently, my favorite budget/techy monitor is Fredi.  The camera connects to an app on your phone (which I always have nearby) and it is super affordable. My favorite overall is Infant Optics which has an interchangeable lens so that you make sure the image is crystal clear. Don’t take my word for it on this one though. 18,000 people on Amazon love it. Audio-only is also fine. We like to see lights on the parent unit that show you a baby’s distress as well as broadcast it and a small and battery-operated so you can take it with you.

  • Crib

    You don’t have to rush out and get a crib as your little one probably won’t sleep in it for a while. However, if you are ready here are some great options to choose from. I love that this one is budget-friendly (it’s still very trendy and cute), or this one that is modern & dreamy You can also get a used crib if it meets current safety standards. I also think this DaVinci crib that converts into a big kid bed is genius (and a great price!) You can check out our article on top baby cribs here!

  • Mattress

    These are sold separately which I didn’t realize with my first child- ha! You can find a bunch of crib mattresses on Amazon and the price range varies significantly. This article goes over some of the different types.

  • Crib Sheets
    You will want 2-3 sets of these and the same goes for the waterproof mattress covers or pads too!

Best Nursing Products for Your Baby Registry List

Truth is us mamas are wired to nurse our babies so we don’t need anything else besides our bodies really. However, the following items can make nursing your new baby a lot more convenient and comfortable.

  • Nursing Cover-

    Not everyone is comfortable breastfeeding in public and for me, a nursing cover like this one really helped. Plus, you can use your cover for multiple other things. Check out how here!

  • Breast Pads-

    You will quickly learn that your boobs have a mind of their own and to prevent leakage you are going to need some type of nursing pads. You can get reusable nursing pads like these or you can register for disposable ones like these. I used both.

  • Nipple Cream-

    Nothing is worse than sore nipples. Make sure you get yourself a good nipple cream like certified organic Motherlove Nipple Cream.

  • Nursing Bras-

    Of course, to nurse you need easy access to your breasts so several comfortable nursing bras are a definite must! Moms from our Rookie Moms Facebook Group recommend Bravado Nursing Bras. You can learn more about our very strong opinions about nursing bras here.

  • Hands-Free Nursing Bras-

    If you are going to be pumping a ton you will definitely want this nursing bra.

  • Nursing Tanks-

    I preferred nursing tanks especially in the hospital and those first few weeks home. They were cozy even during my cat naps. Nursing Tanks like these also work great to layer under other shirts. It makes breastfeeding very discreet. 

  • Button Up PJ Tops-

    If you prefer not to wear a nursing tank to bed you are going to want to have a few buttondown sleep tops. 

  • Breast Pump-

    Repeat from Must-Haves above. If you plan to breastfeed your newborn you will definitely want a really nice double electric breast pump, I always LOVED this one from Medela. Not only does this allow you to get a strong and steady milk supply in from the beginning, but it also gives you freedom later on. I recommend you freeze your milk so that your partner can help with nighttime feedings eventually and you can actually leave your baby occasionally and get out into the real world. It helps to keep a new mama sane! You can also opt for a manual pump like this one too! Always check to see if your insurance covers a breast pump- find out how here.

  • Breast Milk Storage Bags

    People often refer to breastmilk as liquid gold and because it is so precious you are going to want to make sure you have the baby products you need in the house to store it. This means a breastmilk storage set and breast milk storage bags like these.

  • Bottles

    This may be controversial but I think it is a smart idea to have a few bottles with slow newborn flow nipples so that your partner can help you feed the baby sometimes. You can check out some of our favorite bottles here!

  • Pacifiers

    Just go ahead and get them and you can decide later if you want to use them. Get some clips to go with them, you won’t regret it! I think these ones are so cute!

Bottle-Feeding Baby Registry  Must Haves

If you plan to bottle feed your baby there are a few items that you will need to ensure you have on your baby registry list. It is difficult to guess which bottles your baby will like so you may want to register for a few so that you can try them out.

  • Bottles-

    2 sizes (4 oz and 8 oz) with nipples in varying flows.

  • Bottle drying rack

    I absolutely loved my Soraco Grass Bottle Rack. The cute grass design always looked nice in my kitchen and it held everything neatly in place allowing it to dry quickly and easily.

  • Cage for bottle bits and pacifiers-

    I have one of these nifty things for putting all the bits in the dishwasher.

  • Formula

    This one can be tricky to know as you can’t be sure which formula your baby will take. So, either you choose to put it on your registry or you use a registry like Babylist that will allow you to register for cash or gift cards to be used later on formula. We have a great article on introducing formula here if you want to learn more.

  • Formula dispenser 

    This handy item is for feeding on the go; this BPA-free one by Avent doubles as a snack dispenser for big babies.

  • Bottlebrushes

    Cleaning bottles is very important. You will want a good brush with one of the tiny nipple brush attachments like this.

  • Bottle Sterilizer

    Speaking of keeping your bottles clean you can either steam them in a pot (risk of melting them, I know because I have done it- don’t judge!). Or you can buy one of these handy contraptions for the microwave or one of these electric sterilizers which don’t require a microwave at all. 

Diapering Needs for Your Baby Registry List

Those cute little baby buns are going to need something to cover them up and keep them dry. The following list will help you determine which diapering items belong on your registry list.

  • Diapers

    Be sure to register for plenty of baby diapers on your baby registry list. You will also want to specify multiple sizes because they grow out of the newborn stage so quickly.

  • Diaper Bin

    We picked this Munchkin Diaper Pail Powered by Arm & Hammer for maximum stink control. It’s easy and doesn’t require special bags. Inspired by my preschool, I’ve also individually bagged the offending poopy diapers and carried them right outside. Some folks use regular old trash cans and take out the trash every day. Up to you.

  • Diaper bag 

    You actually can use an oversized handbag or a backpack for diapers and associated changes of clothes. But if you can’t resist this rite of passage, pick out a style you like. Consider features like whether it’s too girly to share, if it clips to your stroller, how heavy/ bulky, and how happy you’ll be carrying it when your baby weighs 18 pounds. I loved my Skip Hop, my friend is OBSESSED with her Ju-Ju-Be Diaper Bag, and another friend used little Pack-it Cubes chucked under the stroller. It’s a totally individual choice.

  • Diaper Rash Ointment

    Something zinc-based; my fave is Desitin, I subscribe to it.

  • Changing Pad

    To be honest I used this thing way more than I actually changed my baby on their fancy changing table. I suggest getting one that is extra big like this one from Skip Hop.

  • Wipes 

    Someone on the Rookie Moms Facebook Group (come join us!) suggested registering for a bunch of different brands because you won’t know which you love, or that you would have such strong opinions about them until after the baby is born. She’s totally right!

Clothing/Layette to add to Your Baby Registry List

This is probably the one section of your baby registry list that your friends and family will want to shop for the most. Baby clothes are just too adorable people can’t help themselves. However, babies really don’t need much when it comes to clothes. I would try to keep these items to a minimum if possible. Plus, you will enjoy finding cute clothes to buy for your baby anyway.

  • Onesies

    We love these sweet ones because they are so soft.

  • Gowns 

    I always kept my newborns in gowns because it was just so easy to change their diapers. You can find tons of options here.

  • Kimono Tops

    These are great for babies too, especially when you are freaked out about putting things over their tiny little heads. My sister in law swears by them. You can pop these ones on and just wear them with a diaper. Great if you are a swaddling mama.

  • Sleepers

    Several moms called out Burt’s Bees Organic Sleepers as the best baby sleepers for newborns, so I would definitely add a couple to your baby list registry.

  • Bibs

    There are tons of options and you will want several different types. Some are for bottle feeding and nursing, others for teething and feeding later on down the road. I think these are adorable!

  • Burp Cloths

    These burp cloths are super absorbent and equally as soft.

  • Baby Hats

    you will want a few newborn hats/caps in your closet. These ones are super duper adorable!!

  • Mittens

    Newborns have claws like a cat. You will want to pop these on their teeny tiny hands to prevent them from scratching themselves.

  • Booties

    Nearly every new mom I asked had these booties on their must-have list. They sound like they are the absolute best!

Health and Hygiene to add to Your Baby Registry List

The following are a few basics that every parent will want to have in their home.

  • Oogie Bear Baby Nose Cleaner  

    New parents love Oogiebear because they make it easy to safely & effectively remove stubborn sticky mucus and dry boogers from little noses (it also works great for little ears too!). When combined with the oogie nosebalm, the two become the ultimate baby nose care routine for parents-on-the-go!

    The patented bear head design on the oogiebear ensures that the ends will not go too far into baby’s nose and the soft rubber scoop and loop are specially created to be gentle enough baby’s skin! 

    Oogiebear’s nosebalm formula is USDA certified organic and made by a cold-pressed method to ensure that all of the natural compounds stay intact from when the balm is first pressed -right down to the last swipe.  This truly is the easiest way to clean your baby’s nose. Learn More About oogiebear here!

  • Nail clippers 

    The tiny nails of a newborn have to be trimmed more than once a week and it’s hard to guide those clippers. I used to recommend buying sharp nail scissors and I still believe they work well. However, the new moms I spoke with seemed to prefer a nail grinder like this one which sounds even better. *Despite your best efforts you most likely will still want to keep mittens on those tiny fingers to prevent your baby from scratching their sweet little face.


  • Digital thermometer 

    Every new parent obsesses over how warm or cold their newborn is. If you tend to be a keep-track-of-everything type mom, you may write it all down or even graph it. A thermometer is a must! You can get a digital one but you may also want a rectal thermometer for when the baby is really little.

  • Bulb Syringe or Nosefrida

    You will need something to suction out mucus from those tiny little nostrils. Parents rave about the Nosefrida.

  • Washcloths 

    I don’t think there’s anything special about baby washcloths. Just buy your regular brand and make sure they are soft!

  • Bathtub 

    We recommend either the Eurobath or the First Years. The Eurobath is quite large and costs more, but both are good for newborns to toddlers (we used the Eurobath for three years!). Winning a genius award, we plunked our infant and tub on the kitchen counter to avoid bending and kneeling. *UPDATE- the Puj Tub is getting rave reviews. Check it out!!

  • Baby Tylenol
  • Baby Mylicon
  • This stuff works wonders in relieving gas!
  • Gripe Water
  • Baby shampoo and body wash- This Honest Baby Care Trio is a great way to start. 
  • Purell – I have these little containers all over: diaper bag, near the changing table, the car… hint hint hint.

Amazing Services to Add to Your Baby Registry List

There are plenty of service-based gifts that you can add to your registry that are super helpful to new parents. 

  • Cooking – Food of any kind. Home-delivered gourmet, something pre-made and frozen, or an account at your favorite takeout joint.
  • Cleaning – A cleaning service for a few weeks or months
  • Home Doula – Mother’s helper, babysitter, night nurse are variations on the theme of someone to help you get the baby cared for
  • Massage – It may be a while before you feel comfortable going for one, but it’s so nice to have that gift certificate on the fridge as a reminder
  • Classes – Mommy and Me, Gymboree, Mom’s Group… you may not have considered these kinds of groups ever before in your life, but you soon will! Membership has its privileges. Here are five classes to consider with your baby. Too soon? Start with a local Moms Group and take baby steps!

*Very cool Perk: a baby registry service like BabyList allows you to register for services (maid, massage, whatever!) as well as stuff (cute Etsy hat and 10 jillion diapers) all in one place.

Baby Registry List Items for 6 months and beyond!

Your baby will eventually get older and drink from bottles, eat real food, crawl around, stand up, walk away, and speak in sentences. As long as your kind-hearted family and friends have their wallets out, you might want to ask for some future-oriented stuff too:

  • High chair or Feeding Chair- Here is a list of our absolute fav high chairs.
  • Portable Crib– Have you seen this one? It is incredibly easy to set up and worth the money in my books, especially if you travel often.
  • Something to Prop Baby Up- The Sit Me Up is a very popular choice!
  • “Big Boy” Car Seat – I like the Britax Marathon (yes, it’s pricey but your baby will use it for years).
  • Stroller For the Sitter-Upper– Again I love the UPPAbaby Minu as I mentioned above. The Baby Jogger has always been a great choice too! Choose something that collapses easy and fits in your trunk.
  • Sign Language Books and DVD– Although I was terrible at using these, some parents like my sister in law are incredible and teach their babies sign language and its pretty awesome. This book is a great way to start!
  • Feeding Bowls & Spoons (that are easy to clean!)- Check out the Avanchy brand!
  • A Little Something to Keep Them Busy– A Jumperoo or Exersaucer 

NEW VS. USED (find out what you can leave off your baby registry list)

Really, anything that doesn’t skeeve you out and passes current safety standards is ok to get as a hand-me-down. Your friends and family may have a ton of goodies that they can pass down to you. All you need to do is ask and then do your homework to ensure it is still safe for your baby.

You can also hop on the Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist and easily finds tons of gently used baby gear there as well. Once you know some of the bigger ticket items that you want, you can watch the lists for a couple of weeks to see what comes up. Also, don’t be afraid to tap into your own new mom community. Ask around if folks are done with their carriers and swings. Odds are that they’ll want the gear to serve another family rather than sit idle in an attic.

I’m cool with yard sales for most things, but not these:

  • Car seat – new safety regulations have me spooked into getting new models for every little baby.
  • Crib mattress possible links to SIDS might shame you into buying new. Then again I reused mine throughout my multiple children and everyone turned out just fine, I think!
  • Mechanical breast pump – the hand pumps are thoroughly washable and dishwasherable… but not the electric. Ok, don’t tell anyone, but my breast pump was a hand-me-down and the lactation expert lady at the hospital told me to replace the tubing (which you should never try to clean btw) and I’d be fine. I also loved my Hygeia Enjoye and then passed it on (which is officially pass-downable).

So, maybe I just feel strongly about new car seats… that’s not so bad!

What items do you feel are MUST-HAVES for a Baby Registry List?


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Updated February 1, 2019

The Only 12 Things You Really Need for a Baby. by Avatar Scary Mommy. SHARE. fat-baby. There is absolutely nothing more overwhelming than walking into.

Newborn checklist: Everything you need before your baby arrives

Things For Baby

What’s the Project?If a little one is on the way, these free baby sewing patterns are going to have you smiling while you sew! Adorable little baby items from pajamas to blankets, diaper carriers to toys and they all make great baby gifts! 

I’m a little bit removed from the baby years now. My littlest is 6 and just not quite so little anymore.

So I admit, when a close friend told me last week that she is pregnant, I got a little bit excited, not just for her but for my sake too. Babies to hold!

People, who is with me?! Sometimes those of us who don’t have babies anymore still love those little ones and want to get our hands on them.

And sometimes we want to sew tiny little things for babies. If you are like me, here are 25 free baby sewing patterns that are too cute and will have you swooning!  

So many cute baby sewing projects! How will you even pick one when there are this many cute things to sew?! I love to make the diaper clutches and the bibs look so easy and would make a great gift. The burp cloths made with diapers are a major favorite of mine too.

Which ones do you love best? Let’s take a look at of these free baby sewing patterns!


25 Baby Sewing Projects:

Burp Cloths for Baby:

Baby Bib Pattern:

Baby Top Knot Hat:

Fabric Blocks Tutorial:

More Burp Cloths:

Hooded Towels for Baby:

Easy Diaper Clutch Pattern:

Baby Robe Tutorial:

Easy Baby Blanket:

Girl’s Tiered Ruffle Dress:

Baby Bow Ties by A Lemon Squeezy Home:

Peasant Dress from Sew Much Ado:

Ruffle Diaper Cover:

Easy Circle Skirt:

Sock Monkey:

Easy Baby Blanket:

Baby Sleep Sacks:

Ruffle Butt Onesie:

Circle Quilt:

Car Seat Canopy:

15 Minute Binkie Clip:

Mermaid Gown Pattern:

Wooden Teething Ring:


No Scratch Mittens:

Car Seat Cover and Nursing Cover Duo:

Baby Leggings:

There you go! All kinds of free baby sewing patterns for you to sew like crazy! Which are you going to sew first?!

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Genius Sewing Hacks:

Circle Skirt Sewing Pattern:


Pin It:

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25 Fabulous Free Baby Sewing Patterns

Things For Baby

At NerdWallet, we strive to help you make financial decisions with confidence. To do this, many or all of the products featured here are from our partners. However, this doesn’t influence our evaluations. Our opinions are our own.

Most parents’ new baby checklists include necessities as well as a few purchases that are over-the-top optional. Your baby really needs only enough clothing to keep him or her clean and warm, a comfortable environment, proper nutrition and plenty of love. Here’s a look at the items you may want that are just the start of the cost of raising a child.

But chances are you want more than the bare minimum for your little one, so these lists err on the comprehensive side.

Nerd tip: Friends and family are often more than willing to spoil your bundle of joy. Even if a baby shower isn’t in the works, directing loved ones to a registry can make a big dent in your shopping list — and lessen the chance that you’ll receive unnecessary items.

Baby checklists: Pregnancy through homecoming

Click the tabs to see the lists.

Baby checklist for pregnancy

The shopping began the moment you bought a pregnancy test. Now is the time to complete these financial tasks to prepare for a baby and purchase items crucial for parents-to-be.

 √Prenatal vitamins
 √Bras with added support
 √Maternity clothes and waistband extenders
 √Body cream to soothe stretching skin and dryness commonly caused by pregnancy hormones
 √Belly support band
 √Additional pillow(s) for support
 √Pregnancy books: You can’t go wrong with the classic “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.”
Budget tip: It’s easy to find pregnancy and infant supplies secondhand, often used for only a handful of months. Check local exchange boards on social media, Craigslist and even yard sales.

Baby checklist for the hospital

Many of the items in the hospital bag will already be part of your layette — a fancy word for baby’s wardrobe — but you might have some purchases to make specifically for the time in labor and delivery.

For Mom
 √Warm, nonskid socks or slippers for walking the halls
 √Maternity bra and a few nursing pads
 √Maxi pads
For the baby
 √At least one outfit for the trip home: Pack a few different sizes in case junior is swimming in the 0-to-3-month gear or filling out newborn-size onesies.
 √A few warm blankets: You can skip these if it’s summer or you live in Miami.
 √Outdoor gear (if needed)
 √Diaper bag, including a few diapers, wipes and a pacifier
Nerd tip: Be conservative in buying clothing for your little one. Many babies wear “newborn” sizes only for the first few weeks, if at all. As your baby grows, you’ll know better which sizes you’ll need and when.

Baby checklist for the nursery & home

If budget isn’t a concern for your nursery, furnishings such as low-allergen wood or cork flooring, soothing paint colors and custom furniture are nice options. For the majority of expectant parents, however, there’s a happy medium between building your baby a dream palace and ensuring she has a safe and comfortable room. Essential buys:

 √Crib, cradle or bassinet: Bassinets may be safe only for the first few months.
 √Portable bed or playpen
 √Moisture-proof mattress pads (1-3)
 √Fitted sheets (2-4)
 √Light receiving blankets (3+)
 √Heavier blankets (2)
 √Diaper pail/bin
 √Changing table and/or changing pad
 √Nightlight or lamp for checking on baby without waking him
 √Infant bathtub
 √Car seat
 √Stroller (see: best strollers)
 √Laundry detergent for babies or those with sensitive skin
 √Nasal aspirator, less prettily called a “snot sucker”
 √Infant pain reliever/fever reducer, such as Tylenol

Baby checklist for breast- vs. bottle-feeding

Breast-feeding moms might also want bottle supplies for times when they can’t feed their babies personally.

Nerd tip: Manufacturers’ websites often offer free samples of diapers, formula and other baby care products, as well as valuable coupons.

Baby checklists: 0-12 months

Click the tabs to see the lists.

Baby checklist for 0 to 3 months old

This is the biggest list, because you’re buying items that will last well into baby’s first year. And you won’t want to run out on emergency shopping trips after bringing baby home from the hospital.

Aim to have the 0-to-3-month items purchased at least a month before the due date. If you’re considering any delivery services, such as Amazon Mom for diaper and formula deliveries, now’s the time to set them up, too.

  √Burp cloths
  √Hooded towels (2+)
  √Soft baby washcloths (4)
  √Baby wash or gentle soap for sensitive skin
  √Baby shampoo
  √Children’s nail clippers: Your own will be too big.
  √Soft newborn hairbrush
  √Two packages disposable newborn diapers or 24+ cloth
  √Diaper covers and fasteners, if you’re using cloth diapers
  √Diaper rash ointment and powder
  √Newborn pacifiers (2+, because they will get lost)
  √Onesies (6+)
  √Several bodysuits/rompers
  √Several shirt and pants sets
  √Socks or booties (6+ pairs)
  √Sweater or jacket
  √Bunting (infant sleeping bag) or snowsuit, depending on the season and your location
  √Infant rocker, bouncing chair or age-appropriate swing
 √Toys: At this age, baby can’t use his hands for grabbing, but high-contrast colors and patterns get his attention. Visual stimulation, such as a mobile above his crib, and soft music are best.
Budget tip: If you purchase a stroller, crib or high chair secondhand, make sure it’s safe. Examine all buckles, harnesses and moving parts, and perform a quick search on the Consumer Product Safety Commission‘s website to see if the product was involved in a recall. We don’t recommend buying a used car seat because of the possibility that its safety has been compromised as the result of a car crash, but local law enforcement agencies often inspect them for free, so take advantage of this option if you must buy used.

Baby checklist for 4 to 6 months old

Much of what you’ve already bought will suffice as your baby grows. For instance, you won’t have to replace her blankets every few months. But some of her needs will change as she grows into new clothes, cuts her first teeth, begins grabbing objects and starts putting everything into her mouth.

  √Teething ointment
  √Teething rings
  √Spoons and bowls for soft solids, such as cereal
  √High chair
  √Stationary activity center for babies 4 months and older
 √Toys: Tactile stimulation is important at this age, and every touch brings about new sensations. Try toys with different textures, shapes and colors. Rattles are also good at this stage, as baby may begin to associate an action, such as shaking a toy, with instant sound feedback.

Baby checklist for 7 to 12 months old

Your baby is far more interactive now, and might soon be crawling. If you haven’t already, baby-proof the house and provide toys and activities that will nurture her exploratory nature.

  √Latches for kitchen and bathroom cupboards
  √Outlet covers
  √Gates to block stairways and rooms that are off-limits
  √Plastic guards and/or cushions for furniture corners
  √Small containers for finger-food snacks, as baby begins to feed himself
  √Sippy cups
  √Toys: Board books and busy boards engage her hand-eye coordination. Soft dolls, wooden blocks and squishy balls are also fun. When all else fails, your little mover will love playing with empty cups and containers from the kitchen.

I get it, I'm a gadget-loving mom too, but the truth is, a new baby doesn't need much. Milk, diapers, and a Finnish Baby Box—one of my essentials. But of course .

Things for Babies

Things For Baby

The number of baby products you need can feel overwhelming at first. Any quick trip to Target or Buy Buy Baby and you’ll find that there are many many aisles dedicated to these tiny humans you’re about to bring into the world. (How come the smallest things need the most stuff?)

But, we’re here to give you a quick and easy list of what’s ACTUALLY essential. This doesn’t mean you will only ever need these things for , as they grow and change so will their needs.

The Baby Needs Basics 

Car Seat & Stroller Travel System

Baby’s first ride home from the hospital may be the scariest drive you’ll ever go on! But, that’s why it’s crucial to do your homework and choose a car seat and travel system that can put your mind at ease. Read this great roundup from for travel systems here.

Why do we love a travel system? It means your car seat is made to click right into your stroller, which means attachments or pieces to worry about bringing with you. You have enough other items to worry about…

Diapers, Wipes & Bottles

This one may seem so obvious to you because they’re the first items that come to mind when you think of a baby.

Stock up On Diapers

Here’s our point, you can never have too many diapers or wipes, and you’ll want options. A good insider tip is to stock up when you see a sale in various sizes. Buy newborn sizes sparingly, you’ll only use them for a short while and sometimes newborns go straight into a size 1! It’s also not a bad idea to buy different brands, believe it or not not all diapers are created equal and neither are baby bodies. Once your baby is here you may find you like one brand over another for their fit and absorption.

Have an Assortment of Wipes

Wipes can be the same as diapers, some babies have more sensitive skin than others, so have a few brands in the beginning. Once established you can set up a subscription for diapers and wipes on sites like Amazon and Target!

Bottle Options Required

Not to sound like a broken record, but bottles fall in the “what will my baby like category,” too. Buy a few single-pack options before commiting to a big purchase, then once your feeding routine is established place your amazon order for the bottles you like! Even if you’re planning on breastfeeding you should plan to have some bottles on hand. Letting someone else feed the baby is great for you and them as you’ll get a much needed break and someone like dad can enjoy the feeding time bond.

Bathtime Essentials

A bathtub, baby soap, and washcloths. That’s it. Okay maybe a towel, but you probably have one of those already. Yes, we know how cute the hooded ones are, but what we’re trying to point out are the absolute essentials.

Baby’s first bath is a fun moment for everyone. So having a convenient tub that helps support your new baby is important. As for a preferred soap, ask your pediatrician, but we love what our friends over at Tubby Todd offer!


Crib, bassinet, Rock N Play, Dock A Tot…take your pick, they all serve the same function!

We see a lot of new parents worry about where their baby should sleep. If you ask any experienced parent they’ll tell you a lot of times it was on them in those early days. And some parents will swear by one sleeping solution over another, but we mentioned previously every baby is different. Choose one sleeping item and stick with it for a while before going out and buying 3 alternatives.

Swaddles & White Noise

There’s lots of great literature about the benefits of swaddling and white noise. It imitates the environment of the womb, making adjusting to the outside world a little easier on your new baby. Invest in a few swaddles and a white noise machine to baby’s sleep time.

All You Need is Love

Research shows that skin to skin time improves ability to regulate body temperature and heartbeat, enable breastfeeding, and helps the baby feel safe.

Newborn babies need lots of love and cuddles, so snuggle up with your baby and enjoy your time, it will zoom right by.

Aug 15, It's hard to know exactly what you'll need for baby. That's why we put together a list of everything to add to your registry.

Things For Baby
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