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You never cease to amaze us, grandson

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You never cease to amaze us, grandson
June 21, 2019 Father 5 comments

It's a harsh reality to stomach because our world impresses upon us this desire interesting phenomenon, and it really never ceases to amaze and terrify me. or of entitlement that his American-born grandson innately feels.

These creatures called human beings never cease to amaze me. Today I observed something very interesting about the lengths to which people will go for financial gain.

Due to the early start of the tobacco selling season in Zimbabwe this year, there is a shortage of packaging materials for wrapping the product. The packaging, commonly known by the manufacturer’s name as propaks, consists of khaki paper and sacks. Ordinarily, a roll of khaki paper should cover 60 bails while one huge sack will cover a bail of tobacco. The season normally starts in May but this year, Government made a decision to start in February. I won’t go into what we have been told are the pros and cons of the early start. However, one thing is for sure, farmers were ill-prepared for the early start to the season and so were other service providers, as evidenced by the shortage of propaks and the chaos that ensued, including snaking queues just to off-load the leaf at the auction floors earlier on in the season.

The pressure for the propaks, which are produced by one company, was quite serious and the monopoly had to enlist the support of the riot police first and later the ordinary police to maintain order as people jostled and almost turned riotous while trying to get the precious material. Without the packaging, farmers cannot transport their produce to the auction floors, which means they can not sell so their livelihood is affected and the business grinds to a halt.

As a result of the short supply of the propaks, people have to queue for hours on end for one roll of khaki paper and a maximum of 20 used sacks.

Naturally, where there is inefficiency, some individuals will look for ingenious ways to beat the system. So it was that today, having grown tired of queuing daily for more than four hours to buy the propaks, a certain man decided to use his ingenuity. He figured that since people with disabilities are sometimes exempted from queuing, he could hire a blind “farmer,” whom he would accompany as “a visual aid” and buy the packaging materials without hassles.

The “visual aid,” was immediately followed by another one who figured that since people over the age of 65 don’t usually queue, he might as well hire an elderly man whom he could claim was his frail grandfather and use him to jump the line.

However, what seemed like a good plan almost caused a riot and both tricksters, the visual aid and the grandson, were sent scampering to the back of the queue. Sadly, neither of the two tricksters were farmers. Both men are traders who capitalize on shortages and create a parallel market where they resell scarce products at inflated prices. Given the prevailing situation with the propaks, it is not surprising that a parallel market has sprouted. While on the formal market a roll of khaki paper costs US$135, a brand new sack costs $3.50 and a used one costs $2.40, on the parallel market the khaki paper costs $130 but will cover less than 60 bails and a sack costs $8.

I wonder though, if the dear souls who were willing to rent out their disability and age were paid the full sum, seeing as their services were not fully utilized.

On another note, we discovered that there is a separate queue for women, which is more orderly and moves faster hence all women managed to buy their propaks without difficulty today. I suspect a lot of men will spend this weekend recruiting women “farmers” to buy propaks on their behalf. Let’s see what happens on Monday, I imagine the line of “women farmers” will be longer than that of the “male farmers.”

My only advice is that the women who agree to be exploited should ensure they get paid in full.

Mmmm, isn’t it amazing though, what people will do for the love of money?

By Matilda Moyo 4 June 2010

This kid never ceases to amaze me. But for that matter, NONE of my kids cease to amaze me. They are ALL such outstanding adults. Can I get a.

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You never cease to amaze us, grandson

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You never cease to amaze us, grandson

(1) Carole's two daughters and her grandson are thrilled with the wedding plans.(2) He and Anne helped their daughter Emma bring up their grandson , Tom, when she was ill with depression.(3) As we walk around a lush, hilly paddock with his two grandsons , Quinn's obviously proud of what he's achieved so far.(4) Joining them will be son Graham, daughter Elaine, grandsons James, Ian, Scott and Lewis and great grandsons David and Alex.(5) His grandsons James, John and Robert, born in the 1850s, needed to be educated and two of them, John and Robert were sent to Harrow.(6) Mr Blanchard has a daughter, Rosemary, and two grandsons , one of whom works on the farm.(7) The greeting comes with lots of love and best wishes from Sharon and Eugene and grandsons Malcolm, Maximilian and Maurice.(8) Mrs Chapman returned to an active retirement, spending time with her three grandsons and enjoying music and craft.(9) He has two daughters, both in their thirties, and grandsons .(10) The couple have a son, Graham, and two grandsons , Andrew and Jack.(11) I have 11 grandsons and five granddaughters and now I have my first great-granddaughter.(12) I spent many happy hours walking along the canal with my son, and then with my grandsons .(13) Mrs Bingley said she was looking forward to telling her grandsons about their father when they were older.(14) Our life over the last few years has revolved around our grandsons .(15) She could not believe that her mother, who was devoted to her daughter and her two grandsons , would have ignored them in her will.(16) I'm married to Shirley and we have three sons and five grandsons .

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You never cease to amaze us, grandson

Weird title but hopefully it got your curiosity up.

This week two of my men–husband and son–were at the lake for LETSAC training. Well, Rick was there as a Chaplain and Chris was there for training, but more importantly, to receive an award!

I didn’t get to go down until Wednesday afternoon, but as soon as my work day ended, I loaded up the car, packed up the grandson, and headed to the lake.

I have to admit that I wasn’t quite looking forward to the “stay” part. I’m kind of a hotel germaphobe, and I always get severe anxiety before I go anywhere like that.

However, the hotel was actually very nice and Landon and I had a great time running all over the place while our guys were in class.

There are three pools, and of course we had to check those out. They also have yard games like bowling, a giant chess set, croquet, and corn hole…row…a/k/a bing bag toss.

The real excitement came last night, however, when LETSAC held their banquet dinner and award night. If you want to see what a proud police mom looks like, then look no further. Let me show you!

Our oldest “baby” was given the Officer of the Year award for mid-size departments. That’s pretty impressive! This kid never ceases to amaze me. But for that matter, NONE of my kids cease to amaze me. They are ALL such outstanding adults. Can I get a “praise you, Lord!!”??

Well, that’s about it. I just had to share some police mom bragging rights. I guess we did something right, or at least, God once again bestowed His infinite mercies upon our family.

Anyway, be sure to check out my latest podcast–Calming the What Ifs: Giving God Your Worry. You can find it here:

Have a great weekend!


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—used as a way of saying with emphasis that one is always amazed by something or someone You never cease to amaze courage never ceases to.

You never cease to amaze us, grandson
Written by Nira
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