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Youre like a fine wine
April 10, 2019 Father 2 comments

Richelle Mead — 'I'm like a fine wine. I get better with age. The best is yet to come .'.

I told him I was writing a Musical. Yes, I am older, greyer, chubbier, have more wrinkles and less stamina (at age 57) BUT — I have more wisdom too!

He reminded me with sincerity that age is ‘just a number’. YEA!

He said “YOU GO GIRL!”.

Yes, there are days when I feel totally inspired. Days I really believe I will be far better in my later years.

There are many days when I feel excited. (For instance when I am rehearsing and coming up with new song ideas, which I am doing now.)

I feel a surge of rejuvenation and joy thinking that all my past experiences have made me better, and more seasoned.

A few friends keep reminding me that age is just a number. A wonderful friend named Barb is 80 years young.

She said ‘I didn’t know SHIT until I was 60. Then I really began to live!”

So, I think I’ll remind myself of this wonderful affirmation today:


Some things, like fine wine and denim, only get better with age. Bright Side suggests you take a look at these 15 actors who only get more and more.

Like Fine Wine Quotes

Youre like a fine wine

Like a fine bottle of wine, I truly believe that we become better, more robust and wiser as we age. Experience almost always trumps enthusiasm, and intimacy is no different. Through experience, older adults develop a more complete sexual road map than their younger counterparts. As we age, we acquire a greater understanding of our own bodies, our partners' bodies and what buttons to push to please them both.

Last week I was out to dinner when an older couple caught my eye. It was clear to me that both the man and the woman, who were probably in their 70s, dressed up for the occasion. They held hands across the table, toasted each other with red wine and exchanged knowing glances and smiles all night. These two are exemplary of so many older couples that share an intimacy younger couples cannot experience.

Who doesn't want to be the older couple that still flirts publicly? Remember, the only person who keeps you from being sexy is you. Harness that sexiness and find a way to explore it and share it with your partner. Be the couple you have always aspired to be.

It's time to celebrate the many ways that sex gets better as we age!

  1. An empty house means that you'll finally have the time and freedom to have spontaneous sex -- just make sure you keep those blinds closed!

  • As we age, we tend to grow less inhibited and gain a new acceptance and appreciation for our bodies, especially women. In our 20s and 30s, there tends to be a strict standard of beauty that we hold ourselves to, but after giving birth or being with a partner for many years, it's easier to redefine individualistic beauty. This new confidence provides women with the freedom to unleash their wild side in the bedroom and have the confidence to ask for what they want.
  • Some people find that it actually becomes easier to communicate about unresolved performance issues as we get older. There is a direct correlation between sexual issues, such as low libido and erectile dysfunction, and age. When people feel like their problems are less like an individual failing and more like the body's natural progression, it's easier to discuss it.
  • In a long-term committed relationship, trust has been built up for years, so individuals, especially women, experience a higher level of emotional and physical closeness, which contributes to more satisfying sex. In fact, according to a recent study targeting females from researchers from the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine and the Veterans Affairs San Diego Healthcare System, 61 percent of sexually active older women said they are satisfied with their sex lives and reported high frequency of arousal and orgasm compared to their younger counterparts.
  • Post-menopause you no longer have to worry about getting pregnant, which opens the door to more spontaneous and less stressful romps. Additionally, some women link birth control to lower levels of desire and decreased libido. Just remember though, if you're not in a monogamous relationship, you'll still need to use a condom to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases.
  • An additional bonus to having the kids out of the house is that you'll hopefully have the ability to slow life down a bit and sleep more than five hours a night. Use the time to charge your batteries; you'll be ready to go whenever an intimate occasion arises. Moreover, you'll also have the time and energy to focus on having fun as an individual and as a couple. It's a time to discover new activities that you both enjoy doing together, in and out of the bedroom.
  • If you're still working, and lucky enough to have reached a point in your career where you have financial stability, that may mean less stress and more disposable income to spend on romantic dinners, vacations and sassy lingerie. Create a romantic bucket list with your partner; experiencing new activities together will help to create and reinvigorate your bond.
  • Anyone who tells you that your sex life will come to an end when you reach 50 is seriously mistaken. Just remember: Sexiness is timeless. Make a decision each day to get in touch with your sensual side and bring that excitement to your relationship in order to achieve a more fulfilling sexual life and relationship at every age.

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    Like a Fine Wine

    Youre like a fine wine

    While most of us are terrified of ageing and looking older, there are some B-town celebrities who have embraced it and are slaying every bit of it. Just like fine wine, they only get better as they age and leave us with one question–how do they do it?

    Here are 6 of our fave celebrities who have aged like fine wine…


    Suniel Shetty, 56

    We bet you wouldn’t be able to tell his age had we not mentioned it above. Yes! He is 56. Let that sink in! Last year, a photo shoot that he did started making rounds on the internet and everyone collectively lost their hearts out after witnessing his jaw-dropping transformation.


    Rahul Khanna, 45

    His drool-worthy selfies on Instagram with a cheeky sense of humor (read his captions) make him oh-so irresistible and charming. TBH, we love to occasionally stalk him because he’s such a treat to the eyes and seems to be only getting better with age. Don’t you think?


    Malaika Arora Khan, 44

    From her 1998 hit song ‘chaiyya chaiyya’ to her recent red carpet appearances, we barely see any difference in her. Two decades is a long, long time to not change and we can only wonder how she remains so flawless after all these years. Is it the pilates? Is it yoga? Or a crazy, strict diet regime? We think it’s all of that!


    Madhuri Dixit Nene, 50

    Ethereal is the word for Madhuri Dixit Nene, who, at 50, looks like she’s 35! She’s a classic example of ‘ageing like fine wine’, in our opinion. Actress, dancer and a mother of two, she only gets better with age!


    Milind Soman, 53

    When we say ‘ageing like fine wine’ we’re sure he’s the man you would instantly think of. His determined approach to fitness is the reason he’s such an inspiration to us. Brb, heading out for a run!


    Arjun Rampal, 45

    Model-turned-actor and full-time hottie Arjun Rampal had to be on this list. Who can tell he’s a father of two? He’s so attractive that if we spotted him at a bar, we’d definitely buy him a drink.

    What do you think of these celebrities who have aged like the finest wine there is?

    Image credits:,

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    Maybe we didn't write the book. Maybe we left out that page. Or maybe we're like fine wine, getting better with age. Well I think it's time that you arrived inside.

    Marital Love Is Like Fine Wine- It Gets Better With Time

    Youre like a fine wine

    Women are hitting back at the beauty industry, accusing it of marginalising the over-50s and treating ageing as some kind of affliction.

    A new study found three quarters of women believe that ageing is too often hidden, rather than celebrated, in the beauty world.

    The marketing of the beauty and fashion industry is dominated by women in their 20s, which is perceived as the "ideal".

    However, 94 per cent of women over 50 believe it's time society changed its attitude to ageing and the perception of beauty.

    Read more ...

    • 'Don't let yourself go just because you're the wrong side of 30'

    • Why we middle aged women should glory in letting ourselves go

    • Film fans crown Helen sexiest older woman

    Some 34 per cent feel that traditional images of beauty leave them feeling self-conscious about the natural ageing process.

    Twenty-seven per cent feel these images leave them feeling "invisible" and some 20 per cent of older women say the association of youth with beauty makes them self-conscious.

    The findings are included in a study called Beauty Comes of Age, researched and written by Professor Susie Orbach, who was at one time a confidante of Princess Diana.

    Prof Orbach said: "It's a misconception to think that women over 50 are not affected by the images of beauty in the media.

    "Despite the fact that women of this age group are often active in society and have developed a personal confidence that was perhaps not afforded to previous generations, this has not been reflected in the media world around them.

    "Our findings point to a group of women who are vibrant and engaged but their absence from the increasingly important media creates a sense of 'invisibility' amongst this age group."

    The beauty products company Dove is to challenge the common view of ageing with a new marketing campaign featuring images of naked women over 50.

    Prof Orbach's study argues the reliance of the beauty industry on young and thin models has corrupted what is considered to be true beauty.

    It found that only two per cent of young women believe sexiness is still possible once a woman hits 50. These doubts have even spread to the over 50s, with just one in five believing they are sexy in conventional terms.

    The vast majority of women aged 18-24 - 61 per cent - would consider themselves old at the age of 50. However nine out of ten UK women over 50 believe they are too young to be considered old.

    Only a third of 18 -24 year old women associate confidence and independence with older women, yet almost three quarters - 74 per cent - of over 50s choose these adjectives to describe themselves.

    The move by Dove is part of a wider backlash against ageism which is seeing a number of older women celebrities, particularly actresses, winning plaudits.

    Women like Helen Mirren, aged 61, Meryl Streep, aged 57, Joanna Lumley, aged 60, and Felicity Kendal, aged 59, are at the height of their powers.

    A multi-billion pound industy designed to reverse the signs of ageing has developed over the last 20 years. Bizarre concoctions, ranging from sea algae to the husks of various exotic plants, have been presented as providing the key to eternal youth.

    However, successive independent reviews by experts at the Advertising Standards Authority, and elsewhere, have identified an absence of evidence to support these claims.

    Dove, which previously had success with a marketing campaign featuring real women, is now turning to older women to help with the launch of a new range of products for this group called ProAge.

    One of those who appears, Diana Harewood-Baynes, aged 56, said she considered the approach to be a "real compliment".

    The artist and alternative therapist, who lives in London, said: "Women my age are repeatedly told to fight the ageing process and so we start to believe there is age limit to certain things.

    "Eventually we give into this view and begin to see, feel and look older. However, I know many women in their 50's and 60's who look amazing and I applaud their tenacity.

    "We are, after all, children of the 1960's, a generation determined to achieve anything. It really is time to change the limited view presented by the media and I'm proud to be part of it."

    Athena Uslander, aged 51, who owns a commercial bakery in Chicago, said: "People just see us as over the hill, but that's just not true.

    "You can travel, you have disposable income and the whole world is open to you when you're older, so I think it's just the beginning of life."

    Mirinete Morrison, aged 54, from London who has three daughters aged 18, 24 and 26, said: "You have to be happy in yourself.

    "If your heart is beautiful, your skin is beautiful, you are beautiful."

    The ProAge products and marketing are part of the ongoing Dove Campaign for Real Beauty. The company says it aims to widen the definition of beauty and help inspire and educate women to feel better about their bodies regardless of age, skin tone or shape.

    Some more stats

    • Seven out of ten of today’s over 50’s are still happy to wear a bikini, with four out of ten still happy to go topless on a beach

    • 82 per cent of women think turning 50 shouldn’t be a reason to stop having long hair

    • 98 per cent still wear make-up and 96 per cent of over 50’s still enjoy a pair of killer heels

    • A quarter (24 per cent) of 18-24 year olds believe that it’s not appropriate for mature women to show cleavage but almost nine out of ten (87 per cent) over 50’s believe they can still flaunt it.

    Top five role models

    1. Judi Dench

    2. Twiggy

    3. Joanna Lumley

    4. Fern Britten

    5. Helen Mirren

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    Best like fine wine quotes selected by thousands of our users! Like fine wine or a solid flossing habit, you'll be grateful for it when you're older. Sloane Crosley.

    Youre like a fine wine
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