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Choosing A Suitable Gift For The Engagement Occasion

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Choosing A Suitable Gift For The Engagement Occasion
February 06, 2019 Grandfather 2 comments

We've put together a selection of 52 of the best engagement gift ideas that . you can scratch off all the places you've been is an ideal gift for travel-lovers. . garland, flowers are a beautiful and classic gift for any occasion.

Special Engagement Gifts

Getting engaged is one of the happiest times in a young couples life. All lovestruck and wrapped up in one another, newly engaged couples have been shot by Cupids magical bow. The occasion calls for grand gestures and gifts that will sustain the couple throughout their life together. Traditional engagement presents include photo frames, kitchen appliances of all shapes and oddities and an abundance of towels and linens. Yes, they might be practical, but they can become boring.

If you're looking for a unique engagement gift that will have sentimental value and purpose, a tree is an excellent choice. The idea of giving someone a tree may seem foreign to you, and you might not know where to start with gift wrapping a tree either! There's no need to worry were professionals and we have all the issues under control.

The best presents have sentimental value and allow a bond to be formed. Just picture the newly engaged couple now, shoulder to shoulder, standing beside the elegant tree gift you've given them, taking pride in nurturing it, watering it and watching it grow and blossom.

Our gorgeous Congratulations Rose will brighten up any garden and is the perfect way to send your best wishes to the happy couple. The Love in a Bag gift is another way for the loved-up couple to bond and celebrate their special milestone.

We understand that people rarely stay in their first flat or house for their entire life and that the engaged couple is bound to move house at some point. This isn't something you should be concerned about, because many of our smaller trees and plants like olive bushes and bay trees can be pot grown and packed away when necessary.

Order your gift online today and get free delivery when you spend over 99.

Check out 25 thoughtful and useful engagement gifts you can personalize for the These cute mugs can be personalized to fit the couple, making for a special weekend . Personalize with an engraving of your choosing. A lot of people will show up with wine and Champagne to celebrate the occasion.

Engagement Present Ideas

Choosing A Suitable Gift For The Engagement Occasion

Let's preface this gift guide by saying that engagement presents are by no means the 'norm' in polite Irish society.

  • 10 gorgeous gift ideas for the newly engaged couple

    Let's preface this gift guide by saying that engagement presents are by no means the 'norm' in polite Irish society.

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But while it's not expected that guests come bearing gifts when they're invited to celebrate a pal's newly bejewelled status, some sentimental folk may want to mark the occasion with 'a little something' for the happy couple.

As engagement parties have picked up in popularity among Irish couples, so too have gifts specific to those planning to take the plunge.

There are plenty of gorgeous gift ideas around; from cute personalised candles to sweet - and interchangable - 'Mr' and 'Mrs' pillow cases, and of course practical wedding planning notebooks to handy bridal guides.

Of course nobody's going to say no to a bottle of bubbly either.

Do remember however that if it's a close pal, you've probably still got the hen and/or stag, wedding gift and drinks, outfits and accommodation costs on the day all on the horizon, so really only give something if you can afford it.

Here are some ideas that they're sure to love.

A wedding planner

For the super organised bride or groom, a wedding planner like this gorgeous book from (£26) could be the dream engagement gift. This one contains a guide to planning, with hints and tips on creating the perfect wedding, but you'll find other options in stationery stores such as Easons.

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Restaurant vouchers

If it's practicality you're after, nothing will be more appreciated as a soon-to-be-wed couple's finances dwindle in the run up to the big day than some vouchers for a nice restaurant. Tell them to keep them 'till a few months before the big day, when 'date nights' are in the distant past as saving for the day becomes a priority. Bonus points if they end up getting married in the restaurant you sent them to!

A personalised print

A personalised print is usually more of a wedding gift but could work as an engagement present too. There are loads of gorgeous ideas out there that will include the date or place of the proposal, or when the happy couple first met (this one from notonthehigstreet costs £17.60 not including delivery). Be careful getting anything like 'Mr & Mrs X-to-be' - don't assume anyone will be changing their name or following other traditions. If you're artistic, this could make for a brilliant DIY option. Alternatively, pop into the likes of Article in the Powerscourt Centre Dublin or the Irish Design Shop and pick up a limited print to add to the couple's home. The Jam Art Factory has some gorgeous Irish art that will go down a treat with couples with a penchant for gorgeous graphics.

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Calligraphy classes

A great idea for an engagement gift for those you suspect will be going down the DIY route is a place on one of the various craft classes running in venues around the country. DIY bouquet and floral headpiece making classes pop up around the country month to month and could make a great gift for a bride or groom to be who you'd like to spend some quality time with on the run up to the big day. If your mates are known for their hand-written letters, the calligraphy workshop at Ballynahinch Castle complete with afternoon tea and take-home starter kit could be perfect for a newly-engaged pal you really want to spoil. See for more.

Their favourite tipple

Pick up a bottle of your friends' favourite tipple - or if they're gin drinkers, something special like this bottle of Glendalough Wild Botanical Gin for approx. €35- to toast their upcoming nuptials.

Scented candles

Maybe not just any old bit of wax, but a nice scented candle makes for a lovely present - and this 'happy engagement' candle is ideal. Scents evoke memories, so if they light their scented candle in the time around the excitement of the engagement, getting that scent again in the future will remind them of those happy months. Awh.

An engagement ring dish

For sheer novelty value, an engagement ring holder can make for a very cute bedside addition for the bride-to-be. There are lots of gorgeous versions around. This one is personalised by Kate Charlton Ceramics and from notonthehightstreet.

A piggy bank

Give your friends a hand taking care of the pennies as they save towards the big day with a personalised wedding fund or 'little extras' jar. Make sure you know exactly who you're buying this for though - some couples won't be delighted to be made feel like they need to tighten the purse strings so early into celebrations!

Bridal magazines

The great thing about bridal magazines is that they take years to go out of date, so even if you don't fancy hitting your local newsagent's for a bunch of glossies, you can gift your old mags and they'll (usually) be just as well received. Although if you are popping to the shops to pick up a new one we'd recommend checking out our sister magazine; The Vow!


Who doesn't love a beautiful cookbook?! Saving for the big day usually means more time cooking at home, so a good recipe book could be just the thing your friends need to keep them from dipping into the honeyfund for weekend brunches. Baking is a great de-stresser for some people, and could help provide the hobby the bride or groom to be needs when planning the big day gets a little all-consuming, or if they consider themselves 'foodies' who are on a mission to feel super healthy on the big day, a cook book filled with ideas for fresh salads and healthy home cooking might go down a treat.

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48 Unique Wedding Gift Ideas That Fit All of Your Guests' Budgets

Choosing A Suitable Gift For The Engagement Occasion

Did your a close friend or family member just get engaged? Now is the perfect time to show your support and excitement. Whether you are the one throwing the engagement party or just attending, bringing a gift is a simple way to express how much the couple means to you.

An engagement party gift doesn’t need to be flashy to wow the couple. A simple gift that’s personalized with a story or reason behind it will be the most impressive. We’ve collected 46 engagement party gift ideas in every style that will be perfect for the happy couple. From wedding planning supplies to kitchen accessories, there’s sure to be a gift that’s just right.

Remember that the best gift for an engagement party is one that’s personalized. Try customizing the gift by designing a glass frame for their engagement photos or customizing a cutting board for their new life together.

1. House Number Planter

Build a beautiful planter box for the couple’s home. Secure their street number to the surface, then fill the planter with greenery that’s easily taken care of, like cacti and succulents. Thanks to Sarah Hearts for the great project idea and photo.

2. Magazine Holder

The happy couple needs a spot to store all of their wedding brochures and magazines. Spray paint an organizer bin in a vibrant tone like blue or silver. Thanks to Simply Organized for the fabulous organizational idea and photo.

3. DIY Lip Balm

Give the bride hydration for each day leading up to her big day. Whip up homemade lip balm in a fun flavor like lemon or mint, then store it small containers. Check out the full tutorial from Savvy Homemade.

4. Specialty Cookies

Yum! Stir up a batch of the couple’s favorite cookies, whether that’s white chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin. They’ll love snacking on these treats when they’re in the midst of choosing their venue or designing their wedding invites. Thanks to Lolly Jane for the great idea and photos.

5. Sangria Kit

Throw all of the essentials for sangria into a large pitcher or serving jar: wine, fresh fruit and a stir spoon. The couple can reuse the pitcher for years to come. Thanks to Must Have Mom for the DIY sangria kit and photos.

6. Homemade BBQ Rub

Make cooking and grilling extra easy for the busy, engaged couple. Blend delicious spices like cayenne, red pepper flakes and paprika for a taste they won’t forget. Thanks to Delia Creates for the BBQ rub recipe and photos.

7. Geometric Wall Art

Create wall art that the couple can hang in their living room or bedroom. Outline your geometric shapes in advance, then paint the spaces different colors for an eye-catching design. Thanks to Decor8 for the geometric wall art tutorial and photos.

8. Café Soap

Let the couple relax in luxury during the wedding planning process. Mix together the ingredients for coffee-scented soap, then package it in brown paper for a professional look. Check out the recipe for cafe soap at Offbeat and Inspired.

9. Pallet Heart

Engagement and marriage is all about love. Repurpose a wooden pallet into heart-shaped wall decor. Paint it in a neutral color then add a word like ‘home’ or a phrase like ‘nuestra casa.’ Thanks to Lolly Jane for the pallet heart home decor sign and photos.

10. Cookie Mix in a Jar

A jar of delicious cookie ingredients is bound to put a smile on your friends’ faces. Choose a recipe like mocha chocolate chip or caramel walnut. Label the lid with the baking instructions. Thanks to Call Me Cupcake for the yummy cookie mix idea and photo.

11. Flower Bouquets

Paint mason jars in pastel colors like pink and green. Add fresh blooms or fabric flowers for decor that will brighten their wedding planning process and new home. Thanks to Eighteen25 for the beautiful floral decor idea and photos.

12. Hot Pepper Oil

Spice up the couple’s special day with hot pepper infused olive oil. Choose a bottle style with easy pouring, as the oil can be used for everything from meats to vegetables. Thanks to A Beautiful Mess for the unique DIY hot pepper oil recipe and photos.

13. Metallic Glassware

Accent drinkware and wine glasses with metallic patterns. Try hearts, stars or geometric designs for unique glassware they’ll love having on their shelves. Thanks to Sarah Hearts for the metallic glassware idea and photos.

14. Wine Tote

Wrap a bottle of wine in a tea towel or custom wine tote. Grab the couple’s favorite wine—whether it’s red or white—and head to the party! Check out Paper ‘N Stitch for a DIY canvas wine bag tutorial.

15. Wood Wall Art

The best engagement party gift ideas are ones the couple will enjoy for years to come. Construct wood wall art with a monogram or the couple’s wedding date. Check out Eighteen25 for more DIY home decorating ideas.

16. Herbs and Spices

Fill the spice cabinet for the newly engaged couple. Blend special mixes for tacos, roasting veggies or seasoning meat. Package them in decorative containers with fun labels. Thanks to Sarah Hearts for the great herbs and spices gift idea and photos.

17. Tiered Fruit Stand

Give the happy couple personalized engagement gifts at Personal Creations. Our wedding gifts for couples include personalized couple gifts, charming rustic What is a good wedding gift for a couple and how much should you spend? They've built such a beautiful life together that finding wedding gift ideas for the.

36 Perfect Gifts For Your Friend Who Just Got Engaged

Choosing A Suitable Gift For The Engagement Occasion

15 Feb 33 Unique & Personalized Engagement Gift Ideas For Every Budget

Posted at 12:00h in Personalized Gift Ideas by Kasia1 Comment

Did you know December is the most popular month for couples to become engaged? In fact, nearly half of all wedding engagements happen between November and February with Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day being the top four days for guys to pop the question. This means you’ve probably already heard (or are going to hear very soon) about the good news from happy couples in love. Maybe you’ll even see invites to engagement parties in your mail.

Engagement Party Gifts

Not sure what to get the engaged couple? Wondering what’s an appropriate gift for an engagement party?

Although engagement gifts aren’t always necessary, they’re sometimes appropriate, especially if you’re attending a formal engagement party. Gift or no gift, one thing you should never neglect is to send the couple your heartfelt congratulations and best wishes.

For an impromptu engagement party that’s more casual, consider a small engagement gift or even just a bottle of good wine or champagne. For a more formal affair with an invitation by mail, consider a more elaborate couples gift or a keepsake that will serve as a memento for the special occasion. If there’s no engagement party, you can still celebrate with either a gift for her or him (depending on how you’re connected to the couple), or a meaningful couples gift. And don’t forget a handwritten note of congratulations and well wishes!

Here are our top 33 engagement gifts that are both unique and personalized — and that will fit in any budget — including gift options just for him and just for her.

Engagement Gifts Under $25

Say congratulations with either a fun or a meaningful gift that will get them even more excited about the wedding and their bright future ahead. Whether you’re attending an engagement party or not, a small, personalized engagement gift will show that you took the time to find something that’s special. Here are nine engagement gifts under $25.

1. Wifey & Hubby Personalized Mug Set
This fun mug set is sure to become their favorite as they eagerly await to become husband and wife. The set features adorable heart shaped handles and a trendy design they’ll easily fall in love with. Each mug can be personalized with their names, titles (Wifey or Hubby), and their established year.

2. Carved In Love Custom Picture Frame
A picture frame is a classic engagement present that will surely hold the couple’s favorite photo from their engagement party or photo shoot. You can make the picture frame more special by personalizing it with the couple’s names or even a special message. We adore this carved in wood design that features the couple’s initials carved on a tree along with two lines of personalized text.

3. Mr. And Mrs. Custom Luggage Tags
You know the happy couple will be traveling for their honeymoon, and maybe even for the wedding itself. A set of custom luggage tags will get them even more excited about their travel plans. Each travel tag can be personalized with any four lines of text to include their names, address and even phone number.

4. Lovebirds Personalized Cooking Utensils
If the couple loves to cook and entertain, surprise them with a lovely set of personalized bamboo cooking utensils. Each set includes an oval spoon, a corner spoon and a slotted spatula with different designs featured on each utensil. Customize the set with the couples names (including Mr. & Mrs. titles, if you like), which will be skillfully engraved on each utensil.

5. Love Quotes Personalized Throw Pillow
Custom pillows have also become a popular engagement gift in the last few years and our Love Quotes designs are ideal for newly engaged couples. Choose from one of four color options and eight quote designs. Then personalize each throw pillow with the couples names.

6. The Happy Couple Personalized Card Box
The newly engaged couple will love game nights even more with their very own personalized card box or a set of custom playing cards with their names. This set makes for a fun and unique gift.

7. Love Is Patient Personalized Keepsake
The I Corinthians: Verse 13 that begins with the words “Love is patient, love is kind…” is a popular choice for many religious wedding ceremonies. It’s also a beautiful and symbolic verse that will mean a lot for the newly engaged couple. Add their names and a special date to create a memorable keepsake gift they’ll treasure forever.

8. Loving Pair Custom Address Stamp
You know they’ll be sending out lots of mail — save the date cards, wedding invitations, thank you cards, etc. Why not help the couple save time and money with a personalized address stamp? Simply add their names and address to our lovely heart design and choose one of five ink colors.

9. Happy Couple Personalized Candle Holder
If you’re looking for a simple and beautiful engagement gift that won’t break the bank, this personalized silver candle holder should do the trick. Add their first names along with any date (engagement date or wedding date, if they set one) and you’ll have a special keepsake gift they’ll treasure for years.

Engagement Gifts Under $50

Finding creative and unique engagement gifts becomes much simpler when you can personalize the items to make them more special and meaningful. Below you’ll find several stunning, trendy and popular gift options that will make a nice surprise for the couple lucky in love. The best part? All nine of these engagement gifts are under $50.

10. Mr. & Mrs. Personalized Champagne Flutes
A beautiful set of champagne flutes is another classic engagement gift that the couple will deeply appreciate. It’s something they’ll be able to use on their wedding day, too! If you know their wedding date, add it on to the design (otherwise type in “NONE” to customize the glasses with just their name and title).

11. So In love Custom Wooden Sign
This custom printed wooden sign looks like it’s truly carved in wood. Instead, the sign is printed on a basswood plank cut from a tree so that the natural bark is left on the sides of the sign. You can customize it with the couples names and year, creating a gorgeous, rustic plaque they can hang or display on a shelf. It also makes for a great photo prop!

12. Custom Engraved Ice Bucket
An ice bucket is an absolute must for entertaining. It’s also great for romantic evenings that they happy couple will surely be enjoying! Made of stainless steel, this ice bucked can be personalized with the couples first names or their last name, and even the Mr. and Mrs. title!

13. Love Ever After Personalized Photo Album
Just like the picture frame, a photo album is a classic engagement gift that the couple will surely appreciate. Our Love Ever After design features a silver plate cover that can be engraved with any three lines of text. Add the couples names, date and a special message to make this photo album truly unique.

14. Mr. & Mrs. Personalized Pillowcases
Similar to the custom throw pillows, personalized pillowcases for couples are also becoming popular engagement, shower and wedding gifts. This unique set features his and hers pillowcases with the fun sayings “Mr. Right” and “Mrs (Always) Right” and can be personalized with the couple’s first names.

15. Recipe For A Happy Marriage Personalized Recipe Box
If they love to cook, this recipe box will definitely become their favorite thing in the kitchen. The wooden box features a fun and sweet recipe for a happy marriage and can be personalized with the couple’s first names or last name. You can even add matching recipe cards to complete the gift.

16. The Happy Couple Personalized Wine Cork Shadow Box
Couples that enjoy wine will fall in love with this unique shadow box that’s designed specifically for collecting wine corks. The box features a hole on top so you can easily drop in new wine corks. It can be personalized with the couple’s titles name and a two-line message. It’s also become a fun option for a guest book, where each guest can sign a wine cork and drop it in for the couple.

17. Mr. & Mrs. Personalized Glass Mason Jars
If the engaged couple is planning a rustic wedding then they’ll absolutely love these custom mason jar glasses. The design allows you to add their title and names to be artfully etched into the glass.

18. Mr. & Mrs. Personalized Bath Towel Set
You can’t go wrong with a personalized towel set. It’s a simple and practical gift that any engaged couple will appreciate. Add their titles and name and they’ll be thrilled to hang the towels up in their master bathroom.

Engagement Gifts Under $100

Personalize unique gifts for the happy couple that they’ll treasure for a lifetime. Below you’ll find both classic and traditional engagement gifts, like the crystal cut vase and silver engraved serving tray, along with some more modern and fun options. All of the gifts listed below $100 or less.

19. Engraved Cake Knife & Server Set
Gift your engaged couple a wedding essential, like this beautiful engraved cake knife and server set they can use to cut their wedding cake. This beautiful design features sparkling rhinestones on both of the silver plated handles. The cake server will be custom engraved with any two lines of text.

20. Custom Cutting Board
Custom cutting boards are also growing in popularity as a great gift option for engagements, bridal showers and weddings. Our unique Circle of Love design features the couple’s first names and last name along with the established date. The beautiful maple wood cutting board can be displayed in the couple’s kitchen or used as a unique server for cheese or hors d’oeuvres.

21. Personalized Sherpa Blanket
Choose one of our unbelievably soft premium Sherpa blankets and customize it for the newly engaged couple. They’ll love to snuggle under a super-soft custom blanket while they plan every little detail of their special day.

22. Personalized Family Bible
Give the couple a lovely heirloom they’ll be able to pass down to generations. Personalize a beautiful leather-bound family bible with any name and year for a special gift they’ll treasure forever.

23. Custom Etched Crystal Vase
A crystal vase is another classic gift option that will never go out of style. This beautiful crystal vase is etched with any letter and two lines of text, which can include the couple’s names and engagement or wedding date.

24. Personalized Serving Tray
This stunning personalized serving tray can be a great decorative piece for the newly engaged couple, but it can also come in handy when serving desserts or appetizers. Add any name and a set of titles to be etched in the center of the oval tray for a personal touch.

25. Couple’s Matching Embroidered Robes
Customize a set of matching cotton terry robes for the couple and they’ll be able to relax in comfort. the embroidered robes feature red lips for the Mrs. and a mustache for the Mr.

26. Mr. & Mrs. Personalized Canvas Print
Create a unique canvas print with their name and married titles so they can proudly display it in their home. Choose from five color options that are sure to match any home decor.

27. Mr. & Mrs. Personalized Aprons
If the couple loves to cook, personalize a matching set of aprons that will make their home cooked meals that much more fun.

Engagement Gifts Just For Him

If you’re not attending an engagement party but want to give the guy something to celebrate this momentous occasion, personalize a gift just for him. A set of engraved cuff links, a custom watch box or a personalized cigar case and cutter set are all great options.

28. Silver Engraved Cuff Links
Want to gift the soon-to-be-groom something he can wear to the wedding? Customize a set of cuff links with any initials and a date for a truly special gift he’ll appreciate.

29. Engraved Cigar Case And Cutter
Let him celebrate his big date with his favorite cigar and a beautiful silver engraved cigar case and cutter with his name and monogram.

30. Special Dates Custom Watch Box
This custom leather watch box can be personalized with up to four special dates and optional captions for each. It makes a great engagement gift for the guy who loves and collects watches.

Engagement Gifts Just For Her

You can also congratulate the soon-to-be-bride with a personalized gift that’s just for her. Out top picks include a give piece wine kit with the couple’s name, a wood engraved memory box and a beautiful personalized jewelry tray for her new bling.

31. Personalized Jewelry Name Tray
Give her something to put her brand new bling on! This beautiful jewelry tray can be personalized with any name and will make a lovely place for her to put down her engagement ring, earrings, necklaces and any other jewelry at the end of a busy day.

32. Wine Accessory Kit In A Bottle
If she’s a wine lover, gift her this unique wine accessory kit and include her and her fiancé’s names on the bottle. The five piece kit includes a corkscrew, bottle pourer, wine collar, foil cutter and a bottle stopper.

33. Custom Engraved Photo Box
This beautiful engraved wood photo box can be used for more than just photos. She’ll be able to keep small treasures and souvenirs to remember the special time of her engagement.

Celebrating a couple’s wedding engagement can be exciting, especially if you’re close to the bride and groom or expect to be in the wedding party. We hope that these engagement gift ideas will help you find just the perfect present to commemorate this special occasion.


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Choosing A Suitable Gift For The Engagement Occasion
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