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The Cheese Cake That Lied

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The Cheese Cake That Lied
May 21, 2019 Grandfather 3 comments

So then I got this idea about driving a cheesecake truck. Coz I figured at the end of the day. I could take some of the leftover cheesecakes home. And I love.

The grand opening is set for December 4, 2018, but we had the opportunity to join one of the first groups to be able to dine in this sparkling new location. We have found that the food is always wonderful at The Cheesecake Factory, and, this new facility is a welcome addition to the Chattanooga restaurant scene. The wait staff is friendly and prompt. We had the Bang Bang Shrimp & chicken, and, one of the entree salads. Of course we had cheesecake for dessert. Portions are generous. The food was excellent. Located prominently in a stand alone building, it can be found on the perimeter of the Hamilton Place Mall, near the edge of the parking lot. There are lots of things to do in the immediate area. Guests can dine in or on the patio. Booths or tables are available, or diners can use the take out service. Happy hour is from 4 - 6 pm Monday through Friday. Parking is free and ample with reserved spaces for curbside pickup. Residents and visitors alike will enjoy the opportunity to dine in, or just drop by for a snack and beverages. All the usual Cheesecake menu offerings are served in a clean and welcoming atmosphere. If you find this information helpful please click the link below to let us know.

15 reviews of Cowtown Cheesecake Bakery & Cafe - CLOSED "Unique take on He stole our money and that we never got back he lied he will fix our orders.

Good food but staff lied - The Cheesecake Factory

The Cheese Cake That Lied

I went to dinner with my wife last night 8/7/2019, at the Rockaway NJ store. When we had just gotten served our dinner, a staff member broke a glass next to us. Accidents happen. I can understand that. My wife and I were sprayed with glass shards as well as our table and food. I guess not realizing how much glass was spread around I had to ask the person cleaning up the glass, to please wipe down our seats and table as there was glass all over the place. I also had call our waitress over and ask for a manager, because we had glass in our food and drinks. The manager offered us a slice of cheese cake for the inconvenience. Which we said we would take to go. He offered us to remake our dinners. Which we declined. Due to not having another 30 min to wait. I asked for our check and they never took off the dinners or drinks that were covered in glass. I called the manager over again. To explain, that I only drank half of my soda and ate not even 1/4 of our dinner which now had glass in it, due to no fault of our own. He then charged us for the cheese cake and only took off the dinners from our meal. I still had to pay for Cheese cake that I was offered to make up for the inconvenience, and our drinks that had glass in it? I'm still not sure if the manager even knew how badly the glass was spread across our table and ourselves. He really didn't seem to care that much. As I had a piece of glass in my sneaker and in my shorts, which I didn't know about till I felt it sticking me a few minutes later. I paid my bill. I also tipped our waitstaff as if nothing had happened. But I will most likely never go back to any of their restaurants, due to lack of customer service. While the food and waitstaff were good. The managers customer service, or should I say lack of customer service was appalling. I paid cash. I wish I would have paid by credit card, because I would dispute that charge with my CC company.

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The Cheese Cake That Lied


133 Oak St
Bonner Springs, KS66012
(913) 523-6191

Unique take on breakfast... Cowabunga Breakfast Bowl and B&G. Very Good. It was a good change of pace from volume breakfast spots like First Watch.

That year is coming up again. That Holiday is coming up again Valentine's Day my boyfriend order me cheesecake from this guy it was never delivered he over promised it but yet he charged us we never got our refund we have proof because our statement has proof.... he said that he will refund that $50 $60 now that's a lot of money for a cheesecake that we never got to me he does whatever he pleases he doesn't care about his customers this is a bad business man. A lot of people might not think he is not a bad person because they know him personally but as for me and my boyfriend as a customer yep he stole our money never got the refund never got the cheesecake so I'm putting in this as a bad review because I have my reason every year on this holiday I'm going to remember this incident!!!!!!!!!! And he probably has like he was innocent to the public eye when they read this review for the last time we put a review he deleted it right away that is bad business!!!!! Now that i have read more post about the owner of this place. He stole our money and that we never got back he lied he will fix our orders never did.... Never got my $50 cheesecake. He should be reported to Kansas Problem Solver so that I get my money back and that he will never be a business owner. Cheesecake from a bad business man who knows what he'll do with his customers cheesecake since people are finding more about this conartist!!!!!

Anyone who has eaten at many of the city's finest restaurants has most likely had a slice of what is a premier signature KC product, Cowtown Cheesecake. If you had it, you probably loved it too. Well, save your money on that expensive restaurant, Bonner has a new sweetheart, literally. We went to the grand opening of Chef Terry Mille's brand new home and it was a really amazing sight to behold. Chef Terry himself is there daily and there is no mistaking that he serves many of what put him on the map, but much much more. His latest is the Bourbon Glazed Cronut. He cannot keep enough of these made to meet demand. The coffee is great and supplied by Roasterie. The Cafe itself is small, but very inviting and bright. It's a good place to start your day. Plus the Cafe is on the Downtown Bonner strip! What truly makes the place is Chef Terry who loves his patrons and always shares his appreciation. So get thee to Bonner and have a cronut... just get there early. ;-)

Just a note hours are subject to change. Best to call ahead. Just went at 1:20 on Saturday and it was closed. So off to find cheesecake elsewhere. Maybe we will find a new favorite.

Yummy...What more can I say? The Meatloaf panini and the nutella cheesecake is amazing! We stop there everytime we go to Bonner Springs and I had to make a special trip just for our exchange student to have her last US meal there.

Great breakfast. Very nice people. Hands down the best cheesecake I've ever had. My husband agreed. If you need a cheesecake this is the place to get one. Need to order it ahead online for a whole one.

What is the highest compliment a cheesecake can receive? It lies somewhere between" O.M.G." and "This cheesecake is so good it's offensive!" The latter enthusiastically delivered by my B-I-L as he mowed down his piece. ;) Chef Terry, what can I say. From order to (did I mention) HAND DELIVERY! I was overly satisfied, unbelievably impressed and clearly can't stop gushing about it. These cheesecakes are definitely worth the price, it's not an every day thing but think of it as an investment. Mine ran around $45 plus delivery. We ordered the sweet potato cheesecake with praline topping for Thanksgiving. The excitement alone allowed our family's stomachs to make room. What ensued was high praise whilst we slipped in and out of Thanksgiving food comas. CowTown Cheesecake gives us the chance to make any event extra special! There is more than one flavor on the rotating menu that I'd love to try, including The Canoli, The Turtle, Lemon Blueberry, really any flavor now that I think about it. Remember July 30th is National Cheesecake Day but before that time there are several cheesecake worthy holidays including, Christmas, New Years, Presidents Day, St. Patty's, uhm, every third Monday of the month, you got it. Now go get it.

Ordered a cheesecake 2 weeks ago for Thanksgiving. Just received an email that he "overextended" himself with orders and that he cannot fulfill my order. This was supposed to be dessert for our family Thanksgiving. I was really hoping to give this guy a shot but after this we're done.

I have seen the negative reviews on here but cannot disagree with them more. I stopped in on a Wednesday afternoon and tried the strawberry cheesecake and it was beyond awesome! It was my first time and chef Terry and wife personally asked about our dessert and thanked us for coming in. I can't wait to stop by in the future and try some of the other cheesecakes. 20 mile+ drive from Gardner but well worth it!

The owner was rude, loud and aggressive. My son and I went because we obviously love cheesecake! We were both uncomfortable due to the man working, he was constantly ranting and complaining. Weird experience, didn't much care for the cheesecake either. After posting my review I reviewed others thoughts and this guy is obviously a quack. His responses to the problem with his attitude others have also had, is basically to get over it he is awesome. I don't know how a company with such poor customer service can still be in business.

I bought a Groupon for Cowtown Cheesecake, excited because I had heard positive reviews about their cheesecakes. A coworker brought a slice in once, and I had a bite, so I did agree that it was a good product. I was excited that I, too, would have my very own cheesecake from Cowtown, and the offering from Groupon was a perfect opportunity. It was as if the moons were coming together to form a perfect celestial eclipse, and the cheesecake would be like mana from heaven, finding a happy home in my belly. Sadly, that is not how story ends. Chef Terry sent out an email, saying that Thanksgiving deliveries would not be doable for us because he was deployed with the Red Cross on the East Coast (saving people with the power of cheesecake, I suppose). I was cool with it, so I asked for a Christmas delivery. Fine. Holiday rolls around, and I get an email saying that my cheesecake will be delivered on Christmas Eve. Great! Just in time for family dinner. I get another email (along with a few others) saying that we need to pay him $5 additional delivery fee. Another email follows up saying that I will not get my cheesecake on Christmas Eve. Can he deliver another time? Patience stretching thin, I reply. Can I have it for New Years Eve? Sure. Then nothing. What about Valentine's Day? Still nothing. Finally, I send an email asking if he plans on even giving me the cheesecake I ordered. I get an email back, "What cheesecake?". A couple emails back and forth, and he claims he never received my previous emails. I just ask for a refund at this point, as he doesn't seem too particularly eager to fullfill his contractual obligation, customer service being an afterthought, and only when it's convenient for him. No apologies. No attempt to rectify the situation.Just one last email telling me to contact Groupon for my refund. To this day, he has yet to apologize for being a tool. Fortunately, Groupon refunded my money with an apology. Five stars for them! So, do I base my review on the one bite of the actual product I had in my work breakroom, from the slice of cheesecake brought in by a coworker? Or do I base my review on my personal experience with Chef Terry and Cowtown Cheesecake? While the singular bite I had beat the pants off of any cheesecake I've had, the whole mess of dealing with Chef Terry has left me with too bitter a taste in my mouth to give Cowntown Cheesecake anything but more than one star. I'd actually give it half a star if I could figure out how to do it. I'm sure there are other local businesses that offer a comparable product, with much better customer service.

Whenever I'm in town visiting my family, I always make a trip to visit Terry. He is the best! When I ordered a cheesecake for my mother's birthday, he figured out through our conversation that her work was on his way home, so he dropped it off for her! She was pretty popular that day at work. Thank you Terry!

Phenomenal eats from phenomenal people. From the hearty breakfast bowl, biscuits and gravy, paninis, cinnamon rolls, bread pudding, flourless chocolate cake, to the famous cheesecake. You CAN NOT go wrong here. The chef brings new twists on old favorites with interesting ingredients that make everything better. When it comes to the desserts, you never know what may be on offer at any given time, so you have to keep coming back to try the next thing. Gourmet foods made from scratch, with local, high quality ingredients made accessible to the average joe without the pretentious vibe. My fiancé and I keep going back to see what they'll have next, and we've NEVER been disappointed. Equally important in our opinion is the atmosphere. It is a down to earth, cozy, comfortable place, which is also how I would describe the chef and his wife. They are extremely nice people who care about their customers and what they are feeding them. Long story short, GO, you won't be disappointed!

Hmm that's strange... Somehow my review got deleted. Well, let me make it short and sweet. The store owner is a SMARTASS, and he completely forgot my order. Don't waste your money here, go across the street to the grocery store and buy a package of stale cookies. You'll be more satisfied, and their customer service will be much better.

I'm not a cheese cake fan but every once in awhile I try a piece. A few days ago at Shack Shack on Santa Fe I tried a piece for dessert. It was very good! I normally avoid cheese cake because I don't like the Graham Cracker crust. Cowtown uses a cake type crust and it was very nice. Nice to know its available by the slice from Snack Shack on Santa Fe when my taste buds start screaming for cheese cake!

Well of course I lied. Later that day, during a telephone call with my mother, she too asked if I was going to tell you about The Cheesecake. Obviously they had.

No-Bake Banana Pudding Cheesecake

The Cheese Cake That Lied

The Cheese Cake That Lied

Author: Byron Pulsifer, ©2012

It was a day that quite hectic and demanding. There was too much to do, not enough time. Everything had to be done in a hurry for the local community hall for the fund raising event for a local singer who had fell on hard times.

I had to prepare a couple of prizes that were to be given away as part of the fund raiser and my wife had to make the decorations to string around the hall.

The Day Arrived, But . .
The day of the fundraiser arrived and we both got up early. We were both still busy getting the final touches ready so there was no time to waste. Just as my wife was about to hurry out the door, she turned around with a terrible stressed look on her face and told me in a stammering voice that she had forgotten to make a cheese cake that was also to be part of the auction.

I looked at her and froze. Now what do we do? We couldn't go into town and even buy one at the last minute or we would be terribly late to decorate. I suddenly had an idea. I told my wife that I would make the cheesecake. After all, I had been making cheesecakes for a long time so I was sure I could whip one up in a big hurry. I had just enough time to make it, cool it, and bring it to the hall in time for the auction. My wife wasn't in any mood to argue because she had a lot of decorating to do to get ready. So, I was on the hook with a stern warning that I better get it done and there on time.

Working Together
So, off she went and off I went to get all the ingredients rounded up, and the cheesecake pan and oven ready. Now, for those of you who know how to make cheesecake, you know that you need a crumble base usually made from crumbling up Graham crackers. Well, I got my cream cheese out of the fridge lucky to have enough already in hand. But, when I looked for the crackers, there was none. Not good!

So, now I was really in a panic. I was expected to bring a cheesecake to the hall pronto. Oh boy, would I get heck if I didn't deliver. I had to come with something to use as a base for my cheesecake but what to use? I had to come up with something that would be substantial enough so it couldn't be soda crackers - but what about dog treats?

Using What We Had
I knew I had a bag of dog treats, you know the kind - milk bones. I'm sure I had enough to make my cheesecake but obviously I had to be the one to buy the darn thing at the auction so it wouldn't fall into someone's hands. Oh well, I figured I could get away with it - after all, I would be there at the start of the auction - so, what the heck -nothing ventured nothing gained, right?

So, thus the cheesecake was created with good old milk bone and turned out to be a delight to behold. After cooling it in the fridge, I set off to the hall. I placed the cheesecake on the table for the auction and went to find my wife to tell her what was happening. I found her, told her, and I thought she was going to faint. I told her not to worry - I'd buy the darn thing at the auction. I returned to the auction table a few minutes later leaving my wife with a wide open mouthed shocked expression on her face. I had no time to waste so that was that.

I Would Buy It, But ....
Oh no! As I approached the auction table, the cake was gone. Wholly smoke - where did it go? It was gone - it had been purchased by one of the other club members before the auction even opened to the public. Oh no!!

The very next day, my wife was invited over to one of the female members home for a game of euchre with a couple of the other ladies. So, she decided that she needed a break from the hectic running around the other day so off she went. As soon as she stepped into the living room that was set up for the game, she spied the cheesecake sitting on a side table along with dishes for dessert. The hostess said that after the game was finished, she would treat them to cheesecake and tea. After the game was over, the hostess got up and said she was going to make the tea. My wife was ready to bolt out of her chair and go to the kitchen to tell her about what was really in the cheesecake.

It Doesn't Pay To Lie
But, before my wife could get up, one of the ladies said, "What a great looking cheesecake." The hostess turned to them and said, "I really hope you like it - I made it myself."

A little white lie - my, my, how it can backfire!

Inspirational Quotes To Consider:
"Little white lies are part of everyday life. If you're in court being charged with a felony, you're probably going to be tempted to lie. Or if your girlfriend asks you if the sweater she is wearing makes her look fat; you're going to lie because you love that person. There are different reasons and justifications to lie; it's human nature." Monica Raymund

"I'm not upset that you lied to me; I'm upset that from now on I can't believe you." Friedrich Nietzsche

"Anyone who doesn't take truth seriously in small matters cannot be trusted in large ones either." Albert Einstein

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Well of course I lied. Later that day, during a telephone call with my mother, she too asked if I was going to tell you about The Cheesecake. Obviously they had.

The Cheese Cake That Lied
Written by Nerisar
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