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Giving Is Fun
April 05, 2019 Mother 3 comments

Are you still on the lookout for an extraordinary gift? We have three great suggestions on how to make someone happy and support an.

There was a time when giving to charity took a lot of effort. You had to cut a check, find a mailbox or go to a post office, and send your contribution with a fervent hope that it wouldn’t get lost on its way to its final destination. These days, however, giving can be as simple as tapping a button on your mobile phone. To get you started on your charitable journey, we picked the best charity apps that make giving fun and easy.

Best Charity App for Donating Blood 

Blood Donor 

Created by the American Red Cross, the Blood Donor app is all you need for keeping track of your donation schedule and appointments, local blood drives, and donation centers. You can also join a team and track your cumulative impact on a national leaderboard.

And, most importantly, the app comes with a geo-targeted shortage alert, which lets you know if your blood type is needed in your area.

Download: iOS | Android

Charity Apps that Let You Help with Chump Change

Helping doesn’t mean shelling out hundreds of dollars at once. Every little bit counts, even if that “little bit” amounts to only $1 at a time.

One Today 

This Google-made app is one of the best charity apps that you can download. One Today showcases how $1 can make a huge impact.

One Today supports US-based nonprofit organizations validated by the IRS and Google. They do not take a cut from your donations, so you know 100% of what you give goes to the charity of your choice. Your donations are tax-deductible, and you will be given a year-end tax receipt for every donation you give.

Download: iOS | Android

Coin Up

This charity app rounds up your credit and debit card transactions and donates your spare change to your chosen charity. With this app, the change that you would have forgotten about will be put to good use. Your nickels and dimes can be donated to one of 250 charities on Coin Up.

Coin Up lets you set a monthly goal or limit. You also have the choice to make a one-time donation or a fixed monthly donation. At the end of each month, the app will give you a report about where your donations went. You get a tax donation receipt at the end of each year as well.

Download: iOS | Android


ShareTheMeal is a charity app created by the World Food Programme. It’s one of the few charity apps that aims to address world hunger. With the tap of a button, you can donate a minimum of 50 cents, which is the amount needed to feed a child for one day.

For transparency, you can also view where your donation goes and who you’re helping.

Download: iOS | Android

Charity Apps that Let You Help and Stay Healthy 

Want to help yourself AND the world at the same time? If this sounds like a good idea, what you need is a walk-for-charity app. Whether you find working out a chore or the best part of your day, you will be glad to know that your physical efforts can have a positive impact on others.

Charity Miles 

Charity Miles is a running, cycling, and walking tracker that makes every workout session count. With every step you log on the Charity Miles app, you help raise money for one of the 40 unique charities connected with the app.

Using Charity Miles is simple. You just have to pick a charity and launch the app before your walk or run. The app will track your activity, and sponsors will donate money based on the distance you cover. Now you can enjoy a runner’s high and a helper’s high at the same time!

Download: iOS | Android

WoofTrax Walk for a Dog 

Another great app that lets you help others while you work on your health is Walk for a Dog by WoofTrax. Using this app, the simple act of walking your dog turns altruistic. The more you and your fur friend walk, the more donations you make to local animal organizations or the shelter of your choice.

For those who walk dogs for a living or for a side hustle, this app is a must-download.

Download: iOS | Android

Charity Apps That Make Giving Fun 

Donating to charity might not seem like the most enjoyable activity, but the following apps can make the act of giving a little more fun.

Donate a Photo 

What’s one thing that you use your mobile phone for every day? If you answered “take a photo,” you can make use of this daily activity for good. Donate a Photo is a Johnson & Johnson app that turns your photo donations into charitable acts.

With every photo you post, Johnson & Johnson donates $1 to the charity of your choice. You can donate one photo a day.

Download: iOS | Android


Freerice is another topnotch charity app from the World Food Programme. Unlike ShareTheMeal, however, you don’t shell out money straight from your pockets. In fact, you only have to play trivia games on the app, and sponsors will take care of the donations. In other words, not only will you be able to help with this app, you’ll learn something too!

Download: iOS | Android

Making an impact is now easy and fun with charity apps. The best part? Not all charity apps require you to give money at all. With certain apps, you only need to do the things you do every day, such as walking your dog or playing trivia games.

While you’re on a self-improvement streak, check out our list of the best apps for learning a new language.

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Giving Is Fun

"I think there are two things I want to instill in my children. The first one is that I want them to have fun—to enjoy life and to do things that make them happy, to be brave and to try new things. The second is to be a good citizen within your community—to learn how to serve and to give back to others. With Daymaker, we could do both.”

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Blue text can help guide the conversation

Daymaker Birthdays from Daymaker Giving on Vimeo.

It starts with a conversation about what makes birthdays so special. Why do we look forward to them so much? What makes our stomachs drop just two seconds after we wake up and realize: today’s the day. Some of it is as tangible as the slice of our favorite kind of cake, while some of it is a little more nebulous—belly laughs... feeling special… the belief that anything can happen.

But do all kids count on the same birthday experience? Surely there are kids out there who don’t know what it feels like to celebrate a birthday. Many kids are surprised to learn that there are kids out there that have never opened a birthday present before :(

What if we helped? What if we took all the fun we were so looking forward to, and added to it the fun of making a special day possible for a birthday buddy? One of the coolest parts is that we can invite friends to join us—not just at the party, but in helping a birthday buddy along the way.

When it comes to your birthday page, make sure you have your profile and cover photos uploaded, and personalize the message to guests so they know what's going on. As the party nears, your birthday page will tell you who's coming and what\'s been gifted to your birthday buddy!

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Giving Is Fun

Giving Is Fun

Giving Can Be Fun

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Are you still on the lookout for an extraordinary gift? We have three great suggestions on how to make someone happy and support an excellent cause at the same time.

Gift Idea 1: A special Christmas gift card
Why not donate on behalf of someone close to your heart. How, you ask? Simply support us with an amount of your choice, download our Christmas gift card, and fill it out. It’s unique, pleasing, and makes sense :-)

Gift Idea 2: Something Stylish from the Online Shop
This online shop offers (almost) everything you and your loved ones may need for your leisure and sports adventures. Cuddly hats, functional trousers, hoodies and tops, a practical sports bag, key rings, and even a special notebook. 100% of the proceeds from each purchase are invested directly in spinal cord research projects supported by Wings for Life.

Gift Idea 3: A Starting Place for the Wings for Life World Run
The Wings for Life World Run guarantees goose bumps! On the 5th of May, people around the world will run yet again to find a cure for spinal cord injuries. Why not bestow this unprecedented experience on someone with a voucher. By the way, it is completely irrelevant whether your loved ones are runners, walkers, or wheelchair users. What counts is participation and the entry fee that is invested in research. See you at the starting line! :-)

Eventbrite - Giving Youth Opportunities Organization presents Giving Youth Opportunities Annual Family Fun Day & Back to School Give Away.

Giving fun As Gifts

Giving Is Fun

On a tour of Tundra Process Solutions, it’s easy to see why the Calgary company continues to be recognized as one of this country’s best employers. Staff are expected to work hard but no one is there to micromanage; it’s “get your work done and let’s have fun doing it.”

Many companies provide staff with foosball or table tennis as a relief from tension. At Tundra, you can also toss a ball into a basketball hoop as you pass by, an in-house DJ provides music, and an in-house chef serves Wednesday lunches when speakers are invited to give informative non-business-related talks. There’s an oxygen bar and a treadmill desk, and a wellness room where employees can see a massage therapist or chiropractor twice a week.

The management style is led by CEO Iggy Domagalski, a strong believer in a culture that makes life easier for his employees who respond with high-quality performance and pride in what they do.

Domagalski is a graduate in finance from the University of Manitoba and worked through many departments of Investors Group before joining Richardson Group. When that firm was bought out, he was asked by Mike Miller, a senior executive of the firm, to move with him to Calgary with the object of buying and growing medium-sized companies here.

One of those was Tundra Controls, a company founded in 1999 by Dan Peet — who remains as president of the company with Miller as chairman — that changed its name to Tundra Process Solutions in 2011 to better describe its uniqueness as a supplier of some of the leading products to the energy industry.

The company — 80 per cent of its clients are in the oil and gas industry — has grown to a staff count of 180, with two offices and warehouse facilities in Edmonton and another in Grande Prairie.

In Calgary, it relocated its office and warehouse into a stylish 65,000-square-foot modern building — the former Gunner Manufacturing plant on 118th Avenue S.E. — and it also has a fabrication yard farther east along Glenmore Trail.

Constantly searching for game-changing technologies to give its sales teams more variety of products to offer customers, it carries a $30-million inventory of motors, boilers and valves, enabling them to supply the majority of equipment to a full facility.

On call seven days a week, skilled technical service people attend to needs right away or via the firm’s 40 trucks in Western Canada.

In addition to being a representative for leading products, Tundra manufactures a full range of custom engineered solutions including prefabricated panels, buildings, equipment and truck off-loading systems.

Tundra has become a leader in the manufacture of an innovative surface-mounted artificial lift system for oil and gas; lighter, lower in cost and more energy efficient, with greater lift capacity compared to conventional lift systems.

The SSI was invented by a company in California that was bought by Tundra in 2012 and created another 20 jobs in Calgary, where the products are now manufactured and sold to clients in Canada, the U.S. and Colombia.

Toshiba electric motors are also a major brand, with a variable frequency drive that allows for a slow ramp-up of electricity, reducing power consumption; the main application to control flow for pipelines.

As expected with such a people-conscious firm, Tundra is an official “Imagine” Caring Company that donates one per cent of profits to non-profit organizations. One of the favourites is Kids Cancer Care Foundation, which Domagalski serves as a board member. And more funds are raised from a variety of fun activities to engage staff, friends, family and customers.

News and notes

More than 30 luminaries from top international organizations will gather in the Taylor Centre for Performing Arts at Mount Royal University, Oct. 7 and 8, to challenge and inspire attendees of the sixth annual CAMP Festival. Leading innovators, inventors and designers from companies including Google, Amazon Music, ATB Financial and MIT will explore the convergence of art and technology with a special focus on this year’s theme, mental health in the workplace, touching on topics such as managing stress and anxiety, dealing with burnout and how to employ resilience in the modern workplace.

David Parker appears regularly in the Herald. Read his columns online at He can be reached at 403-830-4622 or by email at [email protected]


These easy ways help incredibly busy kids and families to give back to their communities (and have a blast at the same time).

Giving Is Fun
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