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Happy birthday wishes for baby boy

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Happy birthday wishes for baby boy
September 11, 2018 Mother 5 comments

Wishing you a very happy and fun-filled birthday! . even more with an inside joke or special moment between you and the birthday boy or girl.

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Birthdays are highlights for everyone, no matter what the age. Even if the child is just a year old, the birthday still means so much to his parents and all those who know the baby. The first birthday signifies a year since the baby started to light up the lives of all those around him/her, and the parents will no doubt be thinking that the child has grown up extremely quickly in front of their own eyes.

No matter whether you are the parent, an uncle or an aunt, or simply a guest at the birthday party, you must have a wish ready for the precious child. The baby may be too young to understand what you have to say, but that doesn’t really matter. Take a look at a few wishes for both, birthday boys and girls, which have been separated according to your relation to the baby.

You can always make these wishes out personally to the parents, or put them out in banners if you yourself are the parent of the child. Here are some great heart-melting birthday wishes for your baby.

Birthday Wishes for a Baby Girl

Some of the best first birthday wishes for a baby girl are given below.

For a Daughter

  1. Unwrapping gifts, blowing out candles, and having fun; there is so much work for my precious baby girl – and you are only one!
  2. I hope you grow up to be smart, wise and tough – however, know that you will always be a little baby to me!
  3. You are no doubt the best thing that has ever happened to me and the best daughter anyone could ever hope for.
  4. You are my little cutie pie. Without seeing you every single day, I would die. So, Happy Birthday to the most adorable daughter in the world!
  5. Don’t take a nap while your birthday is going on, or the most important birthday in the life of my daughter will be gone! Happy birthday to you!
  6. You are my special girl, so you really deserve such a special day! I hope that we are giving that to our awesome daughter!
  7. Our first year with you has been the most special one of our lives, so thank you, precious daughter, for making us love you even more with every day.
  8. Well, little princess, your reign over the kingdom of our hearts has reached a full year!
  9. My baby girl, we could never give you a gift as amazing as the one you have been giving us for a year.
  10. You are too young to remember the flavour of the cake we have made you, but we know that you will remember the love and the heart we have put into making this birthday great for you, princess.
  11. You have graced our lives for over a year now, so thank you for all the love that you have given to us, princess!
  12. No gift can come close to what you, our little princess, has been giving us every day, for the past 365 days. Every day with you is a priceless present for us.
  13. Happy birthday to the sweetest one-year-old girl that we have known!
  14. Enjoy your special day, princess, for you deserve to have a lifetime of happiness.
  15. Watching our princess grow like this has been the best sight of our lives! Happy birthday, my baby girl.

For a Niece

  1. Roses are red, violets are blue; today you are one, next year you’ll be two! Happy birthday, baby!
  2. Your first year has gone away so quickly, baby! Please don’t grow up so fast!
  3. Happy birthday my sugar plum! You are the best niece that any uncle could ask for!
  4. May every day be special like this one is, to my beautiful baby niece!
  5. We pray that your life continues to be a blessing like this, and your parents continue to be a blessing to you! Happy birthday, little one!
  6. Happy birthday, baby girl! May all the years ahead of you give you as much happiness as the happiness that you have brought into our lives in the past year!
  7. The warmest birthday wishes to my cute little niece! May you remain this carefree and happy all throughout your life!
  8. No matter what twists and turns life throws at me, your innocent smile always wipes off the frowns from my face! Happy birthday, baby!
  9. My little baby darling, may every year of your life be as happy-go-lucky as the past one year!
  10. A special baby like you deserves nothing but love and happiness, and may your life always be this fulfilling!
  11. You may be small in size and light in weight, but your presence has definitely made a mark on my heart, little niece!
  12. A cute little baby girl like you is a rarity, so may this birthday be one to remember for the sweetest little niece I can ever think of!
  13. I wish my pretty little niece happiness from everything you do in life, and may your life be filled with blessings! Happy birthday, baby girl!
  14. Your smiles are more beautiful than the colourful corals of the Pacific Ocean. You are no less than an angel. Happy birthday, sweet girl! You are as magnificent as the sun. You naturally attract people with your rays of cuteness. Celebrate your birthday with joy and happiness!
  15. Happy birthday, dear little niece! Put on your glitziest dress and your shiniest shoes, for you deserve to be treated like nothing but royalty, not just on this day, but on every day for the rest of your long life.

From a Guest

  1. I hope for a safe, fun, and special birthday to you, baby girl! May you get everything you wish for in life, and everything you deserve!
  2. You are the most precious gift that anyone could have given to your parents. Here’s to a wonderful little baby girl on her extremely special day!
  3. Even though you are sweeter than sugar, there is nothing like too much of you! You make everyone around you so much happier. Here’s an extra sweet wish to you!
  4. Enjoy your amazing holiday, for you will have to deal with academics, homework and chores real soon! Happy birthday to you!
  5. To the most lovable and amazing baby girl, happy birthday to you! You continue to make everyone around you so proud!
  6. Sending this birthday message to the cute little lady who has given everyone all the joy since she came into our lives! You are, no doubt, an angel!
  7. Nothing but hugs, kisses and blessings to the cutest little baby that could ever be born! Happy birthday to you, my sweet girl!
  8. I want to be the pioneer in giving your special wishes for your birthday every year, so happy birthday to the sweetest girl in the world!
  9. The warmest wishes for a baby girl on her very special day. From now on, I hope to see you as you grow up day by day!
  10. A cute little baby girl like you is a gift on earth! Your sweetness brings everyone around you joy and smiles! Happy birthday, little angel.
  11. I’m pretty sure that you will grow up to be a wise, beautiful person just like your parents are. Happy birthday to you, sweet baby girl!
  12. Your parents are true superheroes for taking care of such a cute baby girl. All the sleepless nights are worth it, for a cute baby girl like you! Have a wonderful birthday, sweetheart!
  13. No matter if you are asleep or awake, your irresistible charm is always appealing to anyone. Always keep smiling like this, and have a great birthday, baby girl!
  14. As you open your first chapter in the world, happy birthday to the sweetest child I have known!
  15. You are a wonderful reminder to anyone that the world is filled with innocent and beauty all around. Happy birthday to you, little princess!

Birthday Wishes for a Baby Boy

Here are some amazing first birthday wishes for a baby boy:

For a Son

  1. There’s a very special day waiting around the corner. Happy birthday to the little cutie!
  2. May your birthday be joyful, bright and fun from the moment it starts till the second it’s done!
  3. You may be a toddler and you really may not care, but we promise to celebrate your birthday with pomp and flair! Happy first birthday!
  4. My son, you are turning one and it is such a special moment. You might not remember today, but we will! So happy birthday!
  5. Have an awesome day today, you may not remember it, but we all will remember how special it is – the first of many to come!
  6. You are an amazing baby and deserve all the best things in your life, so enjoy your first special day my special prince!
  7. It is your first birthday today, little boy! We wish you a very special birthday and thank you for bringing so much joy to our lives.
  8. This is a very special day, and you are one today! You may not know it yet, but you are loved by all! Happy birthday!
  9. You are going to be a big boy soon, and we look forward to being able to see you grow up! Happy birthday, my child.
  10. We have the best son in the world, and we all love you very much. Enjoy your day today! Happy birthday!
  11. Hey kiddo, we wish you a great day and hope you receive some amazing presents today!
  12. Have a rocking day, and enjoy your cake and ice-cream, my beautiful boy!
  13. Are you ready to turn one? Ready or not, you are now one! All the best to you, my sweet little child.
  14. We wish you many great wishes on this beautiful first birthday, and I wish you nothing but happiness in your life throughout! Happy birthday, my prince!
  15. My son, today is your big day and I hope that you love your first birthday party that we are having today!

For a Nephew

  1. May your first year with us be the first of many, many more to come! I know that you will fill us with as much happiness as you have, always, so happy birthday!
  2. We can’t believe that you are one already! Have a joyful day like you always do, and may you always be successful in life!
  3. Your birthday is not a miracle, but what you will make out of your life when you grow up sure will be – Happy 1st birthday!
  4. No matter how much icing is there on your birthday cake, it surely cannot be as sweet as you are. Happy birthday, my little prince!
  5. You are definitely the most amazing little thing that I have ever seen – I love you, and happy first birthday to you!
  6. I’m so excited as your uncle to watch you try out your birthday cake for the first time – happy birthday to you!
  7. Happy first birthday! I know you are too young to remember all this, but I really want you to know how loved you are by everyone here.
  8. You used to have really, really tiny fingers, but you have always had a gigantic heart. Thank you so much for opening it for me. Happy birthday, prince!
  9. I will never forget where I was a year ago when I heard the wonderful news of your arrival into this world – time flies so quickly! I am so happy to be sharing this day here with you.
  10. I can’t believe how tall you are already! You are growing up way to fast, boy. Happy birthday to my little prince!
  11. I know you may not know how important this day is just yet, but trust me, one day you will understand just how much you mean to me, kid.
  12. Hope that you have an awesome first birthday! Not that you need any more sugar since you are the sweetest thing I have ever seen.
  13. I did not think that you could get any cuter, but I was wrong, seeing you enjoy your cake! You just might be the cutest thing in the entire world – Happy birthday!
  14. Twelve months ago I became a proud uncle to one of the cutest babies ever! Please, don’t grow too fast, and always remember to smile!
  15. My little miracle, you have become one year old today! I hope you stay this childishly naïve and sincere all throughout your life. Happy birthday!

From a Guest

  1. Your life is now a fairy tale, so don’t grow up too fast and let it end! Happy birthday to you, sweet baby!
  2. You sleep carefree and do not even know that your name and face is forever imprinted in our hearts. You are our wonderful and precious child – happy birthday!
  3. Dear baby, your life will be full of losses and findings, but I hope you never lose the smile on your face or the kindness in your heart throughout! Happy first birthday!
  4. Happy birthday to an adorable one-year-old! You are a perfect family because you are the cutest baby, and your parents are the kindest ones too.
  5. To hold you in my arms and to see your stunning smile is the best thing that has ever happened to me! You are truly one in a million – happy birthday!
  6. You’ve committed the perfect crime – you have stolen all our hearts and nobody wants it back! Happy first birthday, you cute little thief!
  7. Let your life be as beautiful as this birthday cake is – bright, sweet and unusual! Happy first birthday, you cute baby!
  8. Cuddle-coo, sweetie-shoo, pretty-poo – I wish a happy first birthday to you. I just can’t get over how cute you are!
  9. In only twelve more years you will become a rebellious teenager who will not be given hugs and kisses – until then, let me just cuddle you to my heart’s content! Happy birthday to you!
  10. We can’t believe that you are already a year old! Have a joyful day always – bless you!
  11. Happy first birthday to the best boy ever. You are loved by all those around you and are definitely going to have an awesome life in store.
  12. Wishing you nothing but happiness on your big day today. You only turn one once, so have an amazing day! Happy birthday!
  13. You may only be turning one, but you have already made a huge impact on the world around you. Have a great first birthday!
  14. Dear birthday boy, when you came into this world, you made everyone around you happier. We all now gratefully look forward to another year of joy as we learn to see you grow – happy birthday to you!
  15. You are the cutest baby in town and you look adorable even when you frown! Happy birthday to you, my man!

Funny First Birthday Wishes and Quotes

Here are some funny birthday wishes for daughters and sons!

  1. Your first birthday is extremely special because you can have your cake with your hands, feet or face! Happy birthday!
  2. You can make anyone dance on your fingers, with your dirty nappies and your constant squeals! Happy birthday!
  3. Today, we want to mark our first happy year with you by stuffing our faces in front of you! Happy birthday!
  4. Have a ‘wonderful’ first birthday, full of wonder!
  5. Let us toast to more years of sleepless nights and boundless happiness!
  6. Let’s party until the last slice of cake is eaten! Happy birthday, baby!
  7. Turning one means that you will never have to say sorry! Keep melting hearts with your cute crying!
  8. Hoping you shake, rattle and roll every second of your birthday!
  9. Unwrapping gifts, blowing candles, playing games and having fun – there is so much to do on your first birthday!
  10. Don’t take a nap on your birthday, or you will miss out on so much fun! Happy first birthday!

Where Can You Insert Birthday Wishes?

Since children can’t understand birthday wishes on their first birthday, people often don’t add any wishes when they wish them ‘happy birthday.’ However, there are a few ways you can incorporate birthday wishes, so they can be stored as mementos for the child to read when he/she is old enough to read.

1. Greeting Card

A colourful greeting card with a heartfelt birthday wish for the child can be stored in a bunch, for the child to read later on. You can even include incidents or photos and make the card interesting and fun.

2. Gift Note

You can pick out a cute gift note to stick on the gift you give the birthday boy or girl. The parents can remove and store the note carefully, before opening the present. They can even add what the gift was, behind the card.

3. Collage

You, along with a few family members or friends can make a collage with all your birthday wishes to the child. To make it more creative, you can add some pictures and stories, for the child to see he/she grows up.

These birthday quotes for a baby can be tweaked as you wish, so make someone’s day with ease!

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Anisha Nair

Enjoy! Happy birthday sweetheart! You are the most precious and beloved child. We wish you to have an amazing life! Happy Birthday baby!.

Happy Birthday to My Baby Boy

happy birthday wishes for baby boy

Children bring happiness into our lives. Babies are little angels sent from heaven. They make our life cheerful and worth living. Parents welcome their child with enthusiasm as a new era of their life and take care of the child to the fullest. Babies spread happiness in the entire family with their little feet.


First birthday of a child is always special and parents try best from their side to render it earmarked for their baby boy. Good wishes are always needed on the first birthday. Wishes and blessings are gifted to make the future of the child a better place. Here are some of the best collections of birthday wishes for baby boy which you can send on their birthday.

Happy Birthday wishes for Baby Boy

From Mother:

I knew you even before you saw this world. You will always be special to me in every way. I cannot be more than happy on your first birthday, my little prince. Happy Birthday to you. May you live long!

You are turning ONE and I couldn’t deduce where the time went by. You made our life worth living. Happy birthday, baby. I wish you a life full of happiness and love.

I remember the first day when I saw you and I instantly knew that you were going to be my first priority. I love you more than what these words can define. Happy Birthday.

My heart stopped beating for me the day you were born. It started beating inside you. My world revolves around you. Happy birthday, my world. I love you!

You are the centre of my universe. You will always be my little child no matter how old you get. Happy first birthday, my little boy. Wish you lots of love.

I feel so blessed to see you grow up. I cannot believe you are one already. Thank you for coming into my life and making it beautiful. I love you. Happy Birthday, baby.

The time shall keep on passing and soon you will grow up into a man. I want to treasure every bit of your journey and rejoice it till I die. Happy birthday, my little prince.

Happy first birthday, baby. Your mother loves you more than anything in this world.

Life will test you in numerous of ways when you grow up but I always want you to remember that your mother will always be your side no matter what. You can always count on her. Happy Birthday, baby. Wish you a life full of happiness and love.

You are my lifeline. I never knew what love was until I saw you. You are everything I ever asked for. Happy first birthday, my boy. I love you!

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From Father:

Being your father is the best job I ever got till this date. I promise to fulfil it with utmost sincerity and love. Happy birthday, my little one. I love you!

As your father, I promise to fulfil all of your wishes. You have given a definition to my life, my prince. Wish you a very happy first birthday.

Me and your mother are very lucky to have you in our lives. I haven’t been this happy in my entire life. Thank you for coming in our lives. Happy Birthday, my boy.

I cannot wait to watch you grow up into a gentleman. Happy Birthday, my baby boy. Much love to you!

I might not be much expressive like your mother but I want you to know that I will always love you regardless. I will always be there for you like a rock. You can always count on your father, little boy. Happy Birthday.

I cannot wait to relive my childhood with you and play video games together. I cannot wait for the day when you take the entire house down because you beat me in it. I am ready to fail a zillion times to see you laugh and smile. Happy first one, my boy. May you always be happy!

Your smile is my biggest therapy. I wish that you always keep smiling. Happy Birthday, baby. Love you!

As a man, you will come across many things in life. I know you are too little to comprehend at this moment but I want you to know that you are tougher than any situation life throws at your way. Someday when you come across this piece of paper I want you to remember that you are the reason of your father’s existence. You made him so happy that he couldn’t contain the happiness in his heart. Always be happy for him. Happy birthday, my life. I love you!

I promise to always pamper you and protect you from every obstacle in life. I will always try my best to be the best father in the world. Happy Birthday.

I want to thank you for making me a father. I never knew I will be so happy in life until you came. You are my shining star, my boy. Happy birthday to you.

From Others:

As your elder sister, I promise to always scold you and love you to the extreme. I cannot wait to play games with you and run behind you for your naughtiness. Happy birthday, brother. I love you a lot!

I have never seen your parents this dependable and happy. You have altered them in every way, little boy. Happy Birthday and much love from your uncle.

I feel so blessed to hold you in my arms. I feel the luckiest when you tiny eyes shine bright on seeing my face. You are my life’s greatest gift. I wish you a life full of happiness. Happy Birthday. Love, from your grandma.

I always wanted a little brother with whom I can fight and play video games. God listened to me and sent you in my life. Thank you God for sending him in our lives. Happy birthday, little brother. I love you!

Grandchildren are very special. I can see a reflection of my son in you. I feel so lucky to relive his childhood with you. I promise to always protect you from his scolding. Happy birthday, my boy. You can always count on your grandpa.

You made our life bright and happy. May you have a life full of happiness and love. Happy Birthday.

Do you have any idea that how much your tiny smile mean to us? It can solve any problem in this world. Happy Birthday, baby. Your aunt loves you dearly.

I want you to know that your sister loves you the most. Together we will set the world on fire. We are a team, okay? I will always love you the most. Happy Birthday.

You are growing up so fast. I want to see you grow up but I also want to freeze time to adore your innocence to the fullest. Happy Birthday, little boy.

Happiest birthday to the best baby in the world. Wish you abundant happiness, love and success.

You may not be able to remember your first Birthday. But you will always feel amazing that we celebrated it for you. Happy Birthday Baby Boy

Although you kept us busy in changing your nappy. You are turned one year, we are so happy. Happy Birthday

You eat anytime, You poop anywhere. Congratulations on completing one year of a King’s life.

Whenever someone looks at you just For a while. You steal their heart with a cute smile.

You are as cutest as a child may be. You are a loving kid and wonderful Baby.


A smile like you can never be bought with a price. When you do call me mamma it feels nice. Happy Birthday, Baby Boy.

I Forget all your squeals and all your shit. When you talk so cutely with a hit. Happy Birthday wishes for you.

We will treat you with pamper and love. May you become successful and Behove. Happy Birthday Baby

After you came in the world. You have become our world. Happy Birthday to you.

I have seen you from all the different angles. Your aura is divine and you look like angels. Happy Birthday wishes for you.

You are totally extra, my gorgeous girlfriend
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Sweet Birthday Wishes For Children | Happy 1st Birthday Wishes For Baby Girls and Boys

happy birthday wishes for baby boy

Birthday wishes for baby boy serve as a reminder of love for him; Kids act on emotion and memories such as birthdays and other notable events sticks for a long time, if not for a lifetime, so we should guide against being remembered as the uncaring adult who is less concerned about other people’s happiness but instead builds a strong bond with the kids in our life by showing them affection and undissolved love through our actions. A message might seem irrelevant and straightforward to us, but it has a significant effect on the receiver, it shows that the recipient is essential and useful, so endeavor to choose from our list of messages and send to a baby boy celebrant to make him feel happy on his birthday.

Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy from Mother

  • There is nothing more significant than a mother’s love for her offspring. Therefore, I promise to protect my little prince until my dying days. Happy Birthday.
  • I am happy to be among the few lucky mothers to have a baby boy, as your clock a year older, I promise to be always there for you and make you happy.
  • Birthday Wishes for Son from Mother
  • A lion will exhibit its traits irrespective of its environment; you are a few years old bits like your mom I can see the potentials of a great leader in you.
  • Happy Birthday Wishes for Kids
  • To a mother, few moments compares to her baby boy’s birthday, the joy of parenthood and being responsible for life is next to no other. I love you baby boy. Happy Birthday.
  • Sons are integral to every woman as daughters; I feel so excited that my boy is a year older. I look forward to seeing you become an epitome of envy to your peers.

Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy from Father

  • Happy Birthday, my dream finally came true the day I had you as my son, people say that you are my replica and your looks and behavior justifies it.
  • Being a father is good but having a son like you is better. I celebrate your birthday with utmost excitement and gratefulness for a rare gift as you.
  • Birthday Wishes for Son from Father
  • Always remember that as long as I am alive, I will always love you as a son and do everything manly possible to make your life comfortable. Happy Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday Wishes for Boys
  • Unmediated favor is what I enjoyed a few years back when my wife conceived you; I am proud that you are my son and it is your birthday.
  • Wonders will never end in my little Prince’s life that is my birthday message from a delighted father who takes pride in his fantastic offspring.

Funny Birthday Messages for Baby Boy

  • Happy Birthday baby boy, remember that age increases and never decreases, so birthdays is not to celebrate you but to remind you of your demise.
  • As a special baby boy, I made you a magical cake that only the fire service can put off its candles. I cannot wait to burn the whole house down in your name.
  • Birthday Messages for Everyone
  • Birthdays are amazing; you get the opportunity of eating all you want, you also get to purge the next day from too much sweet and candies.
  • I planned to get today’s birthday boy a present that is precious and costly for your birthday then I remembered that you already have me.
  • Happy Birthday baby boy, I wish you grew old until the candles on your cake are like a bonfire. Have fun and enjoy the 24 hours of fame.

Short Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy

  • Happy Birthday to the world’s cutest baby boy, you grow more handsome by every passing day, you are surely a future Candidate for Mr. World.
  • My little prince charming is 365 days older; your birthday holds much importance to the family and me.
  • You are a special baby boy who I pray for every passing day, may your new age be the start of a greater future.
  • Short Birthday Wishes and Messages
  • Within a few years of your birth, you cemented your place in everybody’s heart as a loving and cheerful boy. We all love your birthday.
  • If all wishes come true, I would want every day to be your birthday because you are a baby boy that we all hold in high esteem.


First Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy

  • Happy Birthday to the world best one-year-old baby boy, I look forward to spending years that are more positive with you on the surface of the planet.
  • Hurry because my favorite baby boy is one year old today, the young will surely grow, and I am confident that you will be one of the best. Happy 1st Birthday baby.
  • 1st Birthday Wishes and Messages
  • The early years of a child are one of the most delicate and uncertain of their lifetime; I am happy that my young man is one; you have a hundred more years ahead.
  • My little hunk is one year old, and I am so glad for the achievement because not all babies made it to the delivery room let alone adding a year.
  • I will never forget this day for a very long time; your first birthday is spectacular because you look as strong and healthy as other older boys do.

Second Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy

  • Time flies faster than the American airline; it seems like it was yesterday that we celebrated your first birthday and you are two already. Happy 2nd Birthday baby.
  • Second birthdays are more important than the first because the celebrant can enjoy the day with full awareness of the lovely gestures. Enjoy your day little prince.
  • Birthday Messages for Baby Turns Two
  • I wish on you long life and prosperity on your 2nd birthday celebration. It will be so cute to see you dressed like your favorite cartoon male character.
  • My boy is two years old today, and it is worth celebrating in a grand style. We will have fun until dusk with a lot of Candy’s and goodies for everyone.
  • I cannot remember how I spent my 2nd birthday, so I intend making today one that will linger in our memories forever. I will be coming with a camcorder.


Third Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy

  • In life, having a great son is a significant achievement, and you are the perfect example of a legend in the making despite being just three years old today. Have a beautiful day.
  • I envy your parents on your birthday for a job well done; your intellect surpasses that of three years old boy, I hope you keep moving at this pace.
  • Happy Birthday to a wonder baby boy, I always dream of how prolific you will be when you are much older, you seem to get everything right at just three.
  • 3rd Birthday Wishes and Messages
  • Life does not get better than this for a young boy; your 3rd birthday is a tip of better things to happen in your life so ensure you eat and drink as much as you can.
  • You have to know a boy like you is a real opportunity from God. Therefore, I will nature and cherish you on your birthday and beyond. Happy 3rd Birthday.

Fourth Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy

  • I studied you for the last four years until today your birthday and concluded that you might not be a doctor or professor, but you will surely excel in your endeavors.
  • You are commendable for successfully clocking four years of age today; today has many goodies for a good boy like you so enjoy while it lasts.
  • 4th Birthday Wishes and Greetings
  • I wish on you my fast growing boy all the right things of the heavens and the earth on your Fourth birthday; today is your day. Happy 4th Birthday.
  • Young man, I am sending you this colorful fourth birthday wishes from the innermost part of my heart so you can know that I genuinely care and adore you.
  • A male child is dear and holds more value if mannerly and sweet; I congratulate you on the success of your fourth birthday celebration.

Cute Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy

  • You still have a lot of years to fulfill your dreams despite your new age so be relaxed and have fun.
  • To our golden boy on his special day, Life is filled with many treasures and the greatest of all is you. Happy birthday to you!

People say that children are the flowers of life, and that is true. If you are lucky to have a sweet baby boy in your family, you are a happy person! Of course, the.

20 Adorable Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy – Happy Birthday Little Boy

happy birthday wishes for baby boy

Birthday is one of the best days of the year for kids because they expect so many things from so many people. Kids deserve to be treated in a special manner not only on their birthdays but generally too. This is because kids are innocent souls who are rarely a source of sorrow, disappointment and anxiety to anyone in this world. The time kids spend is the golden time that never returns because as they grow up, they get trapped among a number of problems. So during the phase when kids are living the best moments of their lives, make their birthday a memorable one by sending them heart-touching and sweet birthday wishes.

When kids receive such wishes, they tend to remember people probably for the rest of their lives because they made the moment excellent by sending in outstanding birthday wishes and anything else i.e. a card or gift along. It does not really matter whether you are celebrating the birthday of a Kid who is your own or someone else’s, the affection remains the same. So here are some best chosen birthday wishes for kids that you can use along with gifts, cards and anything else you wish you give them on their birthday.

Kids are the blessing that can outrun every materialistic entity in this universe. Having kids makes one feel the luckiest person on earth. There is no feeling like to love and raise your kids. Time passes by and it feels like yesterday when they were just little babies. Know the moment and grab the opportunity, live today and do not miss the chance to let your kids know how much you love them. Check out these amazing birthday wishes for kids and let these wishes speak for the amount of love you have to offer to them.

50 Happy Birthday Wishes For Kids 2017:

1: ) You are the sweetest child in the whole world. Enjoy your day!

2: ) Wish a rocking birthday party to the little hero.

3: )  You are the light of my life and my pride and joy. Happy 1st Birthday to my angel.

4: ) Wish a fabulous birthday to the cutest baby.

5: ) Happy birthday to the coolest and the most adorable child that I know!

6: ) Today is the only day of the year when you will not be scolded for eating too many sweets, having too much ice cream, playing too many games, spilling food all over, sleeping late and having the best time of your life. Wishing you a Happy Birthday!

7: ) On your birthday always remember how lucky you are to be surrounded by everyone who loves you. Indulge in your cake and enjoy all your presents. Have an awesome birthday!

8: ) I love you little bug! You are so cute, smart and sweet. I love watching you grow up but I’m afraid you are growing too fast.

9: ) Sending oceans of good wishes for the entire life of the gifted child.

10: ) Today is your day, so you can put away your homework and enjoy your presents, songs, sweets, balloons, party games and more!

11: ) Let all the desires of the little kid be fulfilled on the very special Birthday.

12: ) Sending you tons of kisses and hugs on the Happy Birthday of my sweet baby.

13: ) There is something you’ll never stop doing in all your life; growing up. Wishing you a very happy birthday!

14: ) On this special occasion I want to let you know that you are the most wonderful son (daughter). You will always be the most special to me!

15: ) Let the almighty shower all His blessings over the Birthday child.

16: ) Today is your special day, today is your Birthday. Happy Birthday my little prince!

17: ) On your special day, sweetie, I wish you a joyful life, full of beautiful moments!

18: ) You have brought so much joy and happiness into our lives. We love you little one. Happy Birthday!

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19: ) You are so naughty and mischievous. There are times I cannot help myself to be mad at you. But every time I watch you sleep, I realize that you are still a child And you needed my understanding the most. Happy birthday!

20: ) You’re the twinkle of our eyes, the hope of our hearts, the dream of our souls and the most amazing son (daughter) we could ever have!

21: ) Seek for the stars and I believe you will reach the sky! Wish you all the nicest things on your birthday!

22: ) A very Happy Birthday to the sweetest kid in all  the world.

23: ) Every Birthday joy be yours Fortune, Health and Wealth, I wish you everything that’s good That you could wish yourself. And may your LUCKYSTAR above Shine brightly down to bless All your cherished dreams today And crown then with success.

24: ) Let the little kid have all his dreams come true on his beautiful happy Birthday.

25: ) Happy Birthday to the best son (daughter, niece, etc.) in the whole wide world! I wish you to face all new challenges and opportunities in life both with courage and faith.

26: ) Wish a birthday full of toys, cakes, chocolates and fun to the sweetest kid.

27: ) Wishing you love, sunshine and laughter Not just for today but all the days after

28: ) A wonderful person has a wonderful life. So shall you, dear. Happy birthday, have a good one!

29: ) I pray for a bright future on the Happy Birthday of the little angel.

30: ) Dear baby, smile, laugh, play; as today is your Birthday.

31: ) Look up in the sky, Little birds are flying high, They are going to heaven, To get you a lovely surprise, So hurry up my sweetheart, And get ready for the day, It seems a little special, Maybe it’s your Birthday!!!

32: ) It doesn’t matter what are you going to be in life, I believe that you will always be number one!

33: ) Seconds make minutes, and minutes make hours. Hours make days, and days make months. Months make years with smiles and cheers. Here comes another happy year!

34: ) It is a great day to say that so far you have done a fantastic job in growing up. We are delighted to wish you a happy birthday. May you have glowing years ahead!

35: ) Happy birthday to the cutest child in the world! On this occasion I wish you all the best!

36: ) Congratulations on your bday, kid! Wishing you an exciting day, filled with wonderful surprises and special unforgettable moments!

37: ) I have been looking forward to this day all year, happy first birthday to my precious angel. I love you so much.

38: ) Happy birthday to my little super hero. May your day be filled with plenty of happiness and nothing but good times.

39: ) Lots of love and good wishes to the most beautiful child of this universe on his Happy Birthday.

40: ) It’s hard to believe that you’re a whole year cooler than you were last year.

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41: ) You have brought so much joy into our lives, little one. Happy Birthday and I hope you have fun today.

42: ) From the day you were born we knew that you’d be the most ideal son (daughter etc.) ever. You were always special and you always will be. Birthday wishes and blessings are coming your way!

43: ) Lots of love and good wishes to the most beautiful child of this universe on his Happy Birthday.

44: ) You’re getting older today and that’s cool, but you’re still not old enough to quit going to school.

45: ) Today you have the right to eat more cake, demand more allowance and become more annoying.

46: ) Have an awesome bday, honey, and may your year be full of joyful achievements and wonderful discoveries!v

47: ) Today is our favourite day of the year, because it is the day when you came in this world. We wish you all the best on this day!

48: ) Happy birthday to my darling child, No one could be as proud of you as I am. You are my pride and joy and deserve all the happiness in the world. Enjoy your birthday my special child.

49: ) I wish you an amazing birthday filled with hugs, kisses and plenty of love and happiness.

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Happy 3rd Birthday Wishes. Wishes Birthday of a child is a very important event to the parents. Celebrating birthday by giving many surprises wishing and.

happy birthday wishes for baby boy
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