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It has always been you

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It has always been you
September 15, 2018 Mother 2 comments

"I love you, After all this time, I still love you. It's always been you. It was you yesterday, It was you today, It will be you tomorrow. And for the rest of my life, It will.

Author's Note:

This is my new story featuring Princess Elena and Gabe Nuñez. Please read and review. I respect all writers and their stories, regardless of who they ship. Please accord the same respect to me and my stories.

If you have read my first story The Cost of a Lie, I changed the name of the chief of the armed forces. General Luna is a big hero in our country and I do not want to use his name again out of respect and reverence.

Ordinary Day

It was the start of a new day in the Kingdom of Avalor. Avalor. The name filled Queen Elena with so much pride. It was the land of the ancient and mysterious Maruvians, the people who came before the Avalorans. They were a race of people whom Elena always regarded with awe and reverence. They were a magical race. They built the Kingdom of Maru and protected it with their magic using powerful artifacts. Until they were attacked by Shadow Spirits. The Maruvians defended themselves, using their most powerful jewel but it also sent all of them to the spirit world. Nothing was heard from or about them again until Elena met Amalay. Over the years, the Kingdom of Avalor rose above its ruins.

Avalor had also been through its own nightmare. The royal family was attacked by the evil witch Shuriki. The sorceress from the Northern Isles sought the power for herself and was set on ending the Castillos. Why did she choose Avalor? Was she somehow connected to the kingdom or to Maru? No one had the answer. Elena only knew that Shuriki killed her parents. The witch was the reason she was trapped in the amulet; the reason why her sister and abuelos were in the magical painting.

But all of those things happened 44 years ago. Fortunately for Avalor and Elena's family, Princess Sofia of Enchancia rescued them with the help of Alacazar's grandson, Mateo. Elena's first years as Crown Princess had been mostly spent rehabilitating the kingdom and undoing what damage Shuriki had done. And things got better. Life was good in Avalor once again.

Queen Elena stretched and considered sleeping in. It was more than a year ago that she was crowned queen but she was still getting used to it. She couldn't wait to be crowned queen at first but she realized she still had a lot to learn. So with the help of her Grand Council, they worked hard and effected changes that they knew Avalor needed the most. They renewed relationships with their allies, signed trade agreements and strengthened the military. Elena also had been training with their Royal Wizard Mateo de Alva. She had to be prepared for when she faced Shuriki again and end her once and for all. She knew she should have done that the first time around. But there's no going back now for that. She just had to work hard and be ready. There were attempts in the past to overthrow her by Shuriki's minions but she thwarted them. And it had been quiet for the last few years. Elena took this lull to her advantage and trained hard. That was not to say that she had mastered the Scepter of Light yet. She found new and wonderful ways to use it but it still drained her.

Elena got up and prepared herself for the day. Today was her free day but she did not want to remain idle. There were fun things to do when you were still very young like go sailing with her Royal Advisor and best friend Naomi Turner. Or she could have sister time with Princess Isabel, her younger sister and heir presumptive. Or spend time with her abuela Luisa in the kitchen, learning new recipes or new insights in life. Or with her abuelo Francisco and play music. Or with her other Royal Advisor and cousin Esteban and catch up on some reading. But she didn't feel like doing all of those. Naomi was helping her father at the docks. Isabel was at school. Her abuelos were spending their quiet time together. Now that they were retired, they were spending more and more time enjoying each other's company, perhaps reminiscing about the time when they were still young and in love. They were still in love after all these years. Esteban's lectures would just have to wait. She wanted to do something physical and competitive so she knew she wanted to spend the day with Gabe, the Captain of the Royal Guard. She smiled a little excited.

She showered and put on her pants and a loose blouse. Elena always dressed down on her days off and as she was intending to do some physical but enjoyable training, she wanted something comfortable. Elena opened her door and was a little disappointed when she saw that Gabe was not the guard at her door. It was Andres Sousa, one of his lieutenants.

"Lieutenant Sousa," Elena greeted the young guard. He was young but was older than both Gabe and Elena. His credentials were impeccable, at par with Rico Villalobos, also one of the lieutenants. Andres Sousa was one of the candidates for captain. Elena couldn't help but look past him to Gabe's bedroom and wondered where he could be.

"Yes, your majesty," answered the guard.

"Where is Gabe?" Elena said trying to mask her disappointment at not seeing Gabe first thing in the morning. She blushed slightly at the thought. She could only hope Andres didn't notice.

"Captain Nuñez is making his rounds right now. He will also be inspecting the cadets and then take over training since Lieutenant Villalobos is on leave."

Andres escorted her to breakfast. Elena couldn't help but shake her head. As captain, Gabe was very hands on. He drilled his cadets and guards like there's no tomorrow. He personally designed and redesigned all the security measures for the palace. He worked closely with General Alberto Rivas, the Chief of the Avaloran Armed Forces. She knew Gabe was overworking himself and a bit paranoid, but it also touched her that he was doing all of this to ensure her safety.

She shared a jovial breakfast with her family. Elena was planning to look for Gabe and convince him to spend the day with her. She changed her mind about training. She knew he too needed a break and if it meant not playing Olaball or do some fencing, that would be fine. They could just relax and eat ice cream. Or ride the jaquins. Or anything as long as it was as far from working as possible.

Whatever she did today, Elena was determined to take advantage of this very ordinary day.

i have loved you like a candle flame. like a star too big to fall from grace. a winter storm. an unopened book. a sleeping meadow. a humid august. a wishing well.

Drew Seeley - It's Always Been You

It has always been you

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    It Has Always Been You vs You. You always win. But… What Are You Winning At?

    It has always been you

    Chapter Text

    Hello... I think many of you know me from my Instagram account Deckerstarshipper666... If not: Welcome to my first fanfic written by lucifer.fanfics and me. This story is published by lucifer.fanfics on Instagram and I publish it here now. I hope you enjoy it. Everytime lucifer.fanfics will publish a new chapter I do my best to post it here as well.Enjoy the first chaper and Im happy to read your comments :)

    Chloe‘s Pov
    Pushing through the dancing crowd in the famous club Lux, bodies pressed closed to each other, a wave of anxiety hit me. Not because of the scene that unfolded in front of my eyes but the realization that this is the last day in Los Angeles for me, before I spend 3 weeks at my mother’s house with Trixie. With every passing seconds my feet get heavier and heavier and I have to force myself to keep going. I really don’t want to say goodbye to all of my friends, be thrown into the unknown, but this is clearly what’s best for me.

    Since the night Lucifer killed Marcus and I was confronted with the “real” Lucifer I couldn‘t think straight anymore. Everyone around me thought I was not myself, urging me to take a break. “You have just lost your ex fiancé, Chloe. Give yourself time to grief”, they said. If they only knew that this wasn’t the reason of my strange behaviour. It was Lucifer, it has always been Lucifer. When I saw his face I couldn‘t quite believe it, but at the same time I was filled with so much certainty. Just like I had already known deep down inside me that he was telling the truth. Lucifer didn‘t manage to get out a word before the backup arrived and neither did I. He called and texted several times afterwards, even showed up at my apartment but I begged for some time. I needed to think about it. From that moment on every little part of my brain was replaced, consumed by him, even more than it was before. Every little thing reminded me of him, his face and I needed to get away from all of it. Escape my thoughts. When my mother called and offered me and Trixie to stay at her place for a while it seemed like the right thing to do but it feels like I am about to make a big mistake. I am not used to running away from my problems. My father always told me to face my fears and to be brave but this time I just don‘t know how to face them. Face the man I was falling in love with, turns out to be the devil himself.

    I take a deep breath and continue to push through the crowd. A few seconds later I make out my friends, sitting on a couch in the corner of the club and I freeze. Lucifer is there too. I walk through the crowd, hand trembling, feeling unsteady and reach the couch in just a few seconds. Everyone seems to be here today: Amenadiel engaged in a conversation with Linda, Maze and Ella loudly discussing whether you are allowed to stab someone and Dan looking at the bunch with a freaked out expression on his face. Lucifer is sitting next to him and he is the only one that has already noticed my arrival. His eyes are fixated on me, looking up and down at my body. It makes me uncomfortable but I can‘t seem to look away. There is something in his eyes that makes me lock mine with his. Even though noboy else won‘t probably see it doesn‘t mean I won‘t. He looks tired, drained even. I take a huge breath and swallow hard. „Chloe!“, Ella’s voice gets me back to reality and I flinch. Before I am able to reply the arms of the forensic scientist are already wrapped around me. "I'm so glad that you're here. It‘s time to celebrate before you leave to go on your 3 week vacation", she announces and finally lets go of me. I sigh quiet. If I only would be in the mood to party… The only thing I want to do right now is crawl into my bed and sleep, until everything is okay again. I know that Ella is right. I should really enjoy tonight as I wont see any of them for the next 3 weeks. The least I can do is have a drink and talk with my friend before I leave town. I greet everyone else, and look for a available seat. My heart starts racing when I realize there is only one option. I should have known that Lucifer was going to be here. It is his club after all. The only seat that's not taken is next to the devil himself.

    Okay Chloe, calm down, I tell myself. I close my eyes for a second, trying to calm my nerves. I sit down next to him, my heart beating fast. I look at him from the corner of my eye, waiting for his reaction. I am met with a weak, defeated smile and I feel a sharp pain in my chest. Am I the reason he is so upset? Why can‘t everything be easier?! I nevoursly shift in my seat and pray that he doesn't notice my uncertainty. „I cant believe you are going to stay with your mum for this long. The best way to get over a man is to get laid by one“, Maze argues smirking and I try to hide my blushing cheeks. I don‘t know whether it was the fact that all my friends still think this is about Marcus and I am lying to them or because Maze is just too straightforward. „Maze! She was engaged with that guy! Give her some space“, Linda puts her into place and she just rolls her eyes in return. „I am fine. I just need to take a little break“, I shrug it off and I can feel Lucifer’s eyes burn on me. He knows why I need a ‚break’, why I am running away. I didn‘t think it would end this way after I told him I needed time and I am sure neither did he.

    I quickly excuse myself and walk to the bar to get myself something to drink. I take a quick look to my friends at the couch and when my eyes wander to Lucifer I am immediately taken back to the moment everything changed. “Miss, your beer”, the bartender tells me. My heart is beating fast and I force a smile as the guy gives me a worried look. I grab the bottle and nervously bite my lip as I walk back to the booth. Here goes nothing. There is so little space on the couch it is literally impossible for our thighs not to touch. I sit back down and just as my leg brushes his, I feel Lucifer’s body stiffen. He acts as if nothing happened and takes a sip of his whiskey. I take a sip of my drink as well, not knowing what else to do. Should I talk to him? The alcohol helps me to relax a little bit and to calm my endless thoughts. “So is Lucifer going to follow me around then?”, Dan asks after a while. “Who says that I want to?”, Lucifer argues and I have to hold back a giggle. I didnt realize I have missed him and his Luciferness this much. “I talked to the captain and she would be okay with it unless you guys are”, I reply and Dan rolls his eyes. “Well, he seems to do something right if you kept working with him”, Dan jokes and without even meaning to, I turn my head to Lucifer. He is already watching me and I immediately feel my cheeks turning red. “Yeah”, I stutter more to myself and Lucifer smiles in return.

    Why can‘t it always be like this? “Speaking of work, as you are going to leave us tomorrow and these two clowns have to work the case, I thought I would talk to you about something. Maybe you have an idea what it means because I am clueless”, Ella tells me and I finally manage to turn away from Lucifer. “Shoot”, I reply and she smiles. “Okay, so at the crime scene I found big white feathers covered in blood. I have never seen anything like this. They looked... angelic”, she explains and I open my eyes wide. I can see Maze’s expression change as well and my thoughts are going crazy, trying to make sense of this. Lucifer’s body tenses even more next to mine and it clicks. Whatever these are, they are somehow connected to Lucifer. “No idea”, I stutter and take a quick look at Lucifer. What does Lucifer have to do with those feathers? He is the devil after all. There is something in his eyes which I can‘t make out, something he is not willing to show me and this for whatever reason freaks me out. It feels like someone has sucked out all the oxygen of this room and I am gasping for air. Lucifer puts his hand on my thigh, trying to calm me but unfortunately it has the completely opposite effect.

    I panic even more and before I even realize I am up on my feet, running towards the exit. There are too many dancing people everwhere and I can’t find the door. The only thing that does come into my sight is the elevator which leads up to the penthouse. I need some air, calm down and be alone for a while, so this is the best option for me. I rush towards the doors, heart beating fast, breathing heavily. I quickly press the button and get into the elevator as quickly as possible. I need to get out of here.

    “@lizasoberano: Its you, it has always been you” we know Hopee we know # ForevermoreTheXanderEffect XaGnes HearXanderOut.

    it has always been vs it always has

    It has always been you

    i have loved you like a candle flame. like a star too big to fall from grace. a winter storm. an unopened book. a sleeping meadow. a humid august. a wishing well.

    i have loved you like the soles of shoes worn in every country. like the back of my hand. like the inside of my eyelids. like a breath. like every breath.

    i have loved you into existence. loved your made up hands and the tilt of your imagined smile. loved them so long they have grown freckled and wrinkled in the sun. loved them so fiercely i recognize them when they are someone else’s hands. when it is someone else’s laughter. which is to say, i have looked for you everywhere.

    i have loved you with this heart that catches stories like fireflies. with this mind that spins and spins and never lands on anything solid. i have loved you with two left feet, and calluses on both of them.

    do you understand? i have loved you like thunder. i have been the thrash and rumble. i have held faith like earth sized mountains. with an unmoving, unshakable consistency.

    sometimes i fold myself like origami, waiting. sometimes laughter pours from the rafters of me, and i am made up of tiny little bells. all ringing, ringing. coaching the silence into celebration.

    do you understand yet?

    i have loved you for an instant. for every instant. for a lifetime.

    even when i did not know you. even when i did not know how we would find each other. even then. it has always been you. i knew that then. i know it now. in the palms of my hands. in the base of my spine. in the bones and the muscles and the fibers. it has always been you.


    Morgan Halas. I never thought that this kind of affinity is possible. I've only met you a short while back; but when I look at you now, it feels like.

    It has always been you
    Written by Fenris
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