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My beautiful girlfriend, the love of my life

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My beautiful girlfriend, the love of my life
December 15, 2018 Mother 5 comments

Love messages to impress your girlfriend, fiance or wife? her how precious she is to you and add one of these beautiful love messages for greeting cards: I love my life because it gave me you, I love you because you are.

Good Morning Love Messages for Girlfriend

Every morning is fantastic, that is why you need some good morning love messages for girlfriend to make this morning unforgettable.

Show her how much you love her by sending some good morning love messages to her inbox before she wakes up. You can guess how happy and surprised to know that you have her on your mind.

Good Morning Love Messages for Girlfriend

What are you waiting for again? Scroll down to get the best good morning love messages for girlfriend.

Good Morning Love Messages for Girlfriend

These are some beautiful love messages to say good morning to your girlfriend. They are the best you will ever find on the internet. Check them out and share them if they make sense to you. Deal?

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2. My heart feels peace when I am with you and when I think of you, I feel like I am in heaven. Good morning, my princess.

3. Thank you for this lovely day. I will always love you all the days of my life because you are the sun that lights up my world.

Good Morning Love Messages for Girlfriend Images

4. I can’t thank you enough. You are reading another text letting you know how much I appreciate the love you give to me every day. Have a beautiful morning, my girl.

5. Love is powerful because ever since I fell in love with you, the thought of you is the only thing that comes to my mind all day long. Good morning, my queen.

6. I want to reassure you of my undying feeling. My love for you will run until eternity because you mean the world to me. Good morning, my love.

7. I now know how it feels to be in love because every morning I open my eyes; your thought is the first thing that comes to my mind. Have a good day, my girl.

8. Heaven gave the best gift in the world when you became my girlfriend. Everything in my life makes sense to me now. Thank you for being the subject and love is the tools that brought me to paradise.

9. I would have written a long epistle of how much my heart keeps beating for you, but no. I want to say that you are everything I wanted and everything I will ever ask God for in life. You make me feel important, and I love you.

10. Life makes sense when you are with the right people. When I found you, I knew that my life is now complete because I saw the soulmate in you. Have a beautiful morning.

Good Morning Love Message for Girlfriend

This section is a continuation of the first section. They remain the cutest good morning love messages for girlfriend. You can also check out these 120 Sweet Love Messages to Your Girlfriend

11. Every morning remains me of your tender love, and I am working hard for a beautiful future. It is you and me because I can’t find anyone in the world that has the sweetest love. Good morning.

12. You are my dream girl because I find myself thinking and fantasizing about you. Thank you for the unconditional love you keep showering on me, it has made me the Superman I am today.

13. My love for you will remain the same, and my feelings will be real forever. You will be my girlfriend in the morning, afternoon and night because I won’t stop loving you.

14. I wake up feeling like a superman because you keep firing me with your love. I have not felt such care and attention from anyone. You are my girl forever.

15. When I say ‘I love you,’ I want you to know that I mean every bit of it. My love for you is like an ocean that will never run dry, and you can take my word for it because I won’t stop loving you for anything in the world.

16. The joy I feel cannot compare to anything in the world because it comes from a special heart. I admire and adore you, baby. The heavens finally smiled at me when you became mine, and I won’t lose you to anything.

17. The thought of you does the magic because whenever I think of you, my day is great. Thank you for being part of my life this morning. I appreciate your love, and I am here for you all day.

18. You brought happiness into my life, and I am grateful that it will remain for the rest of our lives. You top the list of essential things in my life. Good morning, my queen.

Good Morning Love Message for Girlfriend Image

19. Thank you for coming into my life and making it beautiful. Your name is written right in my heart because you deserve everything in the world. Have an amazing day.

20. The joy in my heart knows no bound because you are present in my heart. Let today be a reminder that we have a beautiful future facing us. Good morning, my precious one.

Good Morning Love Text Messages for Girlfriend

Do you need some quick text for your girlfriend?

Here are the good morning love text messages for girlfriend. She will surely smile when she reads this text.

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21. Just as the flower blossom and glow in the morning dew, so will be my love for you grow with the passing of the day. You mean the world to me and I will never stop loving you. Good morning.

22. When I think of your face, there is nowhere I wish to be than by your side. You remind me that life isn’t about the struggle at all times. It is also spending some time with those that mean the world to you and creating new memories.

23. Thank you for being in my mind this morning and every other day. You remain my source of inspirational and i can’t stop being grateful to God for bringing you into my life.

24. Every little thing you do means a lot to me. You turn my life to the paradise of my dreams, and i won’t let go of you for anything in the world. Have an awesome day, my girl.

25. I know that you are more than a blessing in my life. I can’t compare the happiness you bring into my life with any joy I feel outside. You know the right thing to do at the right time that is why you are on my mind this morning.

26. I have always wished in my heart to have a love like this one. Thank God my dreams came to reality when you became my girlfriend. Have a beautiful morning.

27. This morning is fair because I am thinking of you. I still envy the sun for being the first to see you every day. Have a bright day, my dear.

28. It is another day, and I want to say good morning to the sweetest person in the world. You represent every beautiful thing in my life. I wish you the best of the day.

29. If you are reading this text right now, then you should know that the thought of you remains the primary thing that keeps me going. I will be there for you with every strength in me.

30. I want to say good morning to my world treasure. I will always love you the right way you deserve because you bring out the best in me.

Lovely Good Morning Love Messages for Girlfriend

Do you need something cute? Here you go with some of the lovely good morning messages for your girlfriend. Make her day beautiful with these messages.

31. You are my woman every day, and nothing will change that in my heart. Whenever I look at your photo every morning, I love you more and more.

Lovely Good Morning Love Messages Image

32. I want to say good morning and have a great day ahead because my heart keeps skipping and I feel that my significant half is awake.

33. No matter how you are, you know that I will still love you. Here is another morning to make a statement to the world.

34. Your thought lights up my mind, and I am happy to have a girl with a good heart like you in my life. I will always cherish the day we met. It remains the beginning of this remarkable love.

35. I wish I am there with you to kiss your hand and remove the strand of your hair that falls to your face. I need your warmth baby, and I am missing your presence.

36. Not even a cup of coffee can take your place in my life. I don’t know the right way to express my feelings for you, but I know that I love you with everything in me.

37. Good morning, my angel. Get up and get ready for this beautiful day because there is a lot to achieve. Make sure you wear that beautiful smile as you step out.

38. I wish the sun could agree to help me express my feelings to you. I hope the bird could sing for you to let you know how my heart feels. No matter what happens, know that my heart loves you deeply.

39. I wish I could hold you in my arms and warm your body. I don’t want to let you go because your presence in my life means a lot to me. Have a good morning, my queen.

40. I can love you forever without running out of love. I will be there for you on this journey of life. I woke up this morning thinking of you, and I felt like saying good morning.

Good Morning Love Messages for Girlfriend English

41. I wish I could see your face because I can’t stop fantasizing about it. You are perfect for me, and I know that you will be my queen in years to come. Have a wonderful day.

42. Every moment we spent means so much to me. I could spend a whole day reminiscing on how much your love has kept making my life the paradise I have been praying for all my life.

43. You are the sun that awakens my body to a new day. You are the melody that plays in my mind when I feel lonely. You are the only girl in the world that makes me feel special.

44. Thank you for spoiling me with loads of care and affection. Your love creates in me, the humble man you see today. I might not say it every day, but you should know that your love is everything to me.

45. My morning is always good and better because I get another new day of seeing the girl that makes my heart race. Have a great day, my girl.

46. Your smile is the only thing that brightens my morning. I can’t wait to see you smile at me today. Good morning to the girl of my dreams.

47. You have the best accessory: your smile. Make sure nothing rubs it off your face today. Have a wonderful day, because my day is already beautiful by thinking about you.

48. No morning is perfect if I don’t get to wake up beside you. I am proud to have a beautiful girl that is close to my heart. I wish you the best morning in the world.

49. Nothing compares to the sensation that your smile gives to me. Even the stars in the sky don’t come close to this comparison. I love you more every morning.

50. Dear Cupcake,
There is nobody fit for my heart than you. There is nobody to give my affection to more than you. My life feels complete when I am standing next to you.
There is nothing I wish to do other than spending the rest of my time with you, starring at your gorgeous face. My life is perfect if I have you as my girl forever. I love you, baby. My heart is grateful to you.

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1. I woke up with happiness in my mind because you are the first thing I thought of this morning. I can’t wait to see you today, my baby.

My God, if your love were a grain of sand, mine would be a universe of beaches.” – William . Give your wife or girlfriend all the feels with these romantic love quotes for her. “I could not “You're a beautiful woman, you deserve a beautiful life.

Sweet Love Messages for Girlfriend

My beautiful girlfriend, the love of my life

I'd refer to you by name, but for now it's best I don't.

Everyone I've met thus far in my life has played a part in my story. And while some have taken up chapters, most just scribbled notes in the margins.

You are the one I want to grace all of the pages I have yet to write.

I've made no secret of the misfortunes in my life.

You expect your mid-20s to be a time for starting your life as an adult. You start a career, settle down with the one you love, and look to build a beautiful family together.

I wanted that -- more than anyone. I dreamed of being a husband and eventually a father. Unfortunately, it just wasn't my time. So instead of starting my life, I had to pick up the shattered pieces to one that was once filled with so much promise -- alone.

There are no words to describe that type of pain. It just hurts... like hell. The sun doesn't shine as brightly, life moves a little bit slower, and your heart -- it just doesn't beat the same way anymore.

There's this numbness -- to everything.

And so for the longest time, I've ventured along this broken road in hopes I would find something that would give my heart every reason to beat normally again. Pain made me fear it wouldn't, but faith led me to believe it would.

Regardless, I've journeyed. Along the way, life has pulled me in different directions, introduced me to new people, and given me a completely new perspective.

As I began to open the doors to another potential relationship, I forced myself to be extremely selective. I'm no longer 20-something looking for a girlfriend. I'm a 30-year-old man looking for a woman to build my life with.

"Settling for mediocre love isn't something I am willing to do. Not in this life anyway."

Someone to complement me, and conquer everything with -- one who will stand by my side and love me no matter where this journey takes us.

Needless to say, what I'm looking for today is a lot different than ever before.

But I don't believe in using others as a Band-Aid to a cover up a wound, either.

Sure, I get lonely at times (a lot of times, actually). But you have to reserve that spot for someone special. If you give it away freely, it loses meaning, and you'll never fully appreciate the right person when they do come along.

Time is so damn important. It's precious and should never be wasted on someone who doesn't make your heart scream. So I'm hesitant in giving it just to anyone. I love a woman's companionship, but I'm not desperate for attention. While most men find value in making themselves available to any woman that gives them the time of day, I've made myself unavailable to most. Unorthodox, yes... but I value quality over quantity.

As for the ones who have gotten my time? Some have been kind, others not so much -- yet none have ever made my heart beat the way it once did.

I guess I expect to look at someone and just want every piece of them in my life. Their mind, body and soul... their hopes, dreams and fears.

I've thought at times, "Maybe it's me. Maybe I just don't have the emotional capacity to feel that strongly for someone again."

You start to believe that pain sort of scars you and that everything you're looking for is unrealistic, especially when you're part of a generation whose dating habits consist of swiping on a screen.

Do I find that disappointing? For sure.

But settling for mediocre love isn't something I am willing to do. Not in this life anyway.

So willingly, I've walked alone. In hopes that one day I'll take a glance at someone and feel that fire burn violently inside me once again. Someone whose hand I'll grab and march together with toward the moon.

As the years have passed, I've focused on bettering myself, building a strong career that will serve as the foundation for the life I wish to give my family, mastering my craft as a writer, but more importantly, rebuilding a part of myself that was once lost.

And I've lived, hoping one day, someday, something magnificent would happen; something that would make sense of everything I've been through.

Time has passed, but I've never lost faith.

And sure enough, I glanced up to notice something more magnificent than I could have ever dreamed.

I laid eyes on you, and nothing in my life has been the same since.

You were draped in this beautiful outfit that contoured your body like a glove. And your hair, it fell so elegantly on your shoulders. Everything around you was black and white, and you shined in color.

It was magical. In an instant, you changed my life.

That feeling I prayed about just sort of happened. It's that feeling we all get once in our life -- if we're lucky. And on that day, I guess luck was on my side.

You were this different kind of beautiful, unlike anything I had ever seen. When you smiled and looked my way -- I can't even explain what that did to me.

You made my heart beat in a crazy way, like never before.

It was like my eyes locked onto a soul that I waited years to find.

I felt something so deep within me, and I immediately knew that this broken road filled with pain and uncertainty led me to you.

And while I didn't know how or even why at that point, I knew I had to clear space in my mind for you to stay. In whichever capacity destiny had planned.

But I knew I would have to let you go until destiny allowed us to meet again.

I drove home that evening with this overwhelming desire to learn everything about you.

I wasn't sure if or when I'd see you again, but I was determined to find a way.

Of course, life is never that simple. Circumstances have prevented me from expressing my true feelings for you. But life teaches us that the greatest things are worth waiting for, right?

"You were this different kind of beautiful, unlike anything I had ever seen. In an instant, you changed my life."

Somehow I knew that it would take time and patience; both of which I already knew you were worth. And both of which I was prepared to give.

So I waited.

I spent months uncovering bits and pieces of you, in an ever-so-subtle way. Naturally, you've shared. And slowly but surely, two people, strangers in the not-so-distant past, became connected in this crazy world.

You've occupied my thoughts, been inspiration behind my words, and have given me hope to believe that, one day, I'll love again -- deeper than I have ever loved before.

Even if fate has a different plan for us.

And I need you to understand how important that it is to me.

I think so highly of you. I admire your drive, your passion and your dedication to everything that you love. I adore your innocence and commend the respect you have for yourself. But what captures my attention more than anything else is your simplicity.

You're such a beautiful person.

Behind everything the eye can see, behind all the glitz and the glamour, is a woman with worries and fears. Someone who loves and desires to be loved in return.

So carefully I've listened to everything you've shared with me. And believe me, I've remembered it all.

And I believe so deeply in those dreams of yours. So much, in fact, that I dream even bigger for you.

You're something real. And I'm grateful that you've trusted me enough to give me even the smallest glimpse inside your world.

I'm attracted to everything you've exposed me to.

Those big, beautiful eyes; so captivating.

Your laugh; innocent enough to bring a smile to the angriest of people.

That walk; striking and canny.

Your voice; how it giggles when we speak.

Your intelligence; and how you try to impress me with all you know.

But what I adore the most, what draws me in more than anything else, is that incredible smile.

My God, you take my breath away.

I talk about you to everyone. Like you're poetry to a world still learning the alphabet. And if I had one wish, I'd allow you to see how beautiful you are through my eyes.

Hearing your name or seeing it pop up on my iPhone brings this excitement. A feeling I deliberately waited for; and at times, feared I would never feel again.

So I savor every moment of this feeling because I've learned in my life how quickly things can change.

But I've refrained from sharing any of this with you -- by design.

Sure, I'm certain you're aware of my interest, I've made it rather obvious. But what I actually feel for you I've kept a deep secret -- until now, of course.

Why did I decide to put this out there?

Because I wanted the entire world to know how amazing I think you are. Sure, there are countless men who I'm certain appreciate your obvious outer beauty. But I cannot imagine there being another man in this world who sees your inner beauty the way I do.

It pains me to see you be treated any less than amazing.

I can only hope you give your heart to the person who wants to watch you fly.

"You're poetry to a world still learning the alphabet. And if I had one wish, I'd allow you to see how beautiful you are through my eyes."

I'm aware of what stands in my way, so purposefully, I've kept a safe distance. I've listened and observed, as any man should. But I've refused to be just another who comes along saying you deserve better, telling you how beautiful you are, all while promising you the world.

Truthfully speaking, I don't have a world to promise you. Just my company to explore it with.

What I can give you, though, is a piece of your soul that you never knew was missing and every reason to never stop smiling.

I've allowed my actions to speak louder than any word could. All in hopes that it becomes clear to you there's a man out there who just wants one thing: to make you happy.

Believe me, there's no time too long that will keep me from showing you what you truly deserve... even if that's my only purpose in your life.

If you find interest in me, I'd be honored. And if you don't, that's OK, too.

I believe in energy. And I believe that we're gravitated toward those whose energies we're meant to share. Clearly, I feel yours. And I don't think I met you just to meet you.

That's always been reason enough for me to entertain the idea of there one day being a "you and me."

Maybe this story has more chapters -- or maybe this is the end. Either way, there's something you should know.

You've changed my life.

In an instant, you unknowingly touched my heart, grabbed a piece of my soul, directed it at you, and gave me every reason to never look back.

In perfect harmony, I've released the deepest of my emotions in the smallest of doses.

But this... this is me opening up in ways I never have before.

I wish I could explain how it all happened, but I can't.

It just happened, exactly the way they describe in books and movies. The only difference is that this is real.

Just you and me. And a beautiful story that's waiting to be written.

I wasn't looking for you; you kind of just appeared.

And I don't know if it makes me believe in coincidence, fate or sheer blind luck, but it definitely makes me believe in something.

You've made me feel what pain and heartache once threatened to take away. So for that, I'm thankful. And that has always been reason enough to pursue you in ways I have never pursued a woman: with deliberate care and a subtle persistence.

And while I may have the attention of people from all over the world, it's only yours that I want.

So for now, I'll watch you from a distance and continue to be your biggest fan.

But trust me, I'll come for you, when the time is right, to uncover everything.

Your hopes, your dreams, your biggest fears. What makes you laugh and what makes you cry.

And I'll leave more than flowers on your doorstep or kisses on your forehead. I'll leave my fingerprints on your soul and pull you close enough to touch your heart.

All so I can wipe away your tears and wash away the insecurities that have been left by those who have failed to love you correctly.

Because like a crisp, blue summer sky, you're the beautiful sight I want to get lost in day after day after day.

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50 Good Morning Love Messages for Girlfriend

My beautiful girlfriend, the love of my life

Everyone wants to hear sweet and sincere words from someone who is deeply special to them. If you have a lady who captured your heart and you cannot imagine your life without her anymore, you can tell her something sweet and loving to make sure that she would feel the same way about you. Here are some sweet words to tell a woman to make her fall in love with you!

Sweet things to say to your girlfriend

Sometimes, it is just hard to find the right words. Do not worry – we are here to help you! We have compiled some sweet words to tell a woman so she can fall in love with you more. These love words for her will help you to preserve a loving and healthy relationship.

To make them more personalized, you can add her name or nickname to any of these. Find out how to make your girlfriend love you more, and use these sweet words for her on a daily basis!

Romantic words for her: the complete list

  • God was probably just showing off by creating someone like you.
  • You were my wish upon a shooting star. I remember wishing that I will find true love one day, and I did. Now, I believe that every wish always comes true, if you really need it.
  • My love, you deserve the entire world. I am unable to give you the world, but I can give you something even more valuable: I can give you my heart, my soul, and all of me.
  • Every day of my life, every hour and minute, my heart is beating your name.
  • When you look into my eyes, you will find me there. But when you look into my heart, you will find yourself.
  • Sometimes I look at you and it is hard to explain how someone like me ended up with a beautiful princess like you. Thank you for your unconditional love.
  • I love you more than the entire world, and my love for you only grows bigger with every passing day.
  • Life without you is so not worth living. I only feel happy and complete when you are with me.
  • Every time I see your gorgeous face and look into your amazing eyes, I fall in love with you more and more, and it feels like heaven to know that we are together.
  • I will always make you feel like you are the most special and beautiful woman in the entire world. This is my main objective – to make you smile and feel good about yourself.
  • When I remember that I want to spend the rest of my life with you, I start really missing you, because I want the rest of my life to come already.
  • You are more than just beautiful – you are gorgeous, charming, and magnificent.
  • Before I met you, I did not understand the meaning of true love. Thank you for teaching me what love is, and giving it to me.
  • Did it hurt when God left you without your wings and sent you to live on Earth?
  • If I ended up in heaven after death and was asked in which form I would like to come back, I would choose the form of a tear. This way, I can be born in your eyes, then I would roll down your cheeks and then die right on your lips.
  • I have put one of my tears into the wide ocean. When you find it, only then I will probably stop loving you.
  • I never knew how it feels to have butterflies all around my stomach before you came into my life and now I experience it every single day.
  • My love for you is a huge endless circle. It has no escape from it, and it will never end as long as I live.
  • When it is a beautiful cloudless night, and you by any chance are outside, just look at the sky. You will see thousands of stars. Every one of them stands for one reason why I love you so much.
  • You are a better part of me and my second half. Without you, I would probably be lost. You complete me, and right now I could not wish for a better life partner.
  • Your father must be a crafty thief, because he took all the stars from the sky, stole them, and placed them into your eyes.
  • Today, I love you more than I did yesterday, but also less than I will love you tomorrow.
  • If I had a dozen roses, eleven of which were real and one was artificial, I would love you until the very last rose died.
  • Last night I went out, looked up into the sky and matched all the stars with the reasons why I admire you. Long story short, I was doing fine, but then I ran out of stars.
  • Yesterday at night, I asked an angel to protect you in your sleep. The angel refused, and I asked what the reason was. The angel then told me that the angels can not protect other angels.
  • If you will take eleven roses in your hands and look in the mirror, you will see twelve most beautiful and amazing things in the world.
  • People say that a picture can tell you a thousand words. For me, a picture of you can tell only three of the most important words: I love you!
  • I was thinking about you today. You are always on my mind, and I constantly wonder about your well-being and safety. I hope you are alright!
  • When I am with you, I am a better person. When I am away from you, I am just a half of this person you make me be.
  • I love you so much that one day when I am on my death bed, I really want my last feeling to be my love for you.
  • If people say that no one is perfect, then for me, my darling, you are no one.
  • For you, I wake up every day and go to bed every night knowing I will see you again tomorrow. You are worth all the good things in the world.
  • Without you, my life can be compared to a broken pencil: it is totally pointless.
  • I will always love you, even when I die. And even after death, I will still love you. Our love is beyond time.
  • When you are far away from me, I miss you. When you are not with me, you are the only thing on my mind. When I think about you, I only wish I was with you right now. And, darling, when I am with you, I have this amazing feeling that all of my dreams have finally come true.
  • If I could, I would hold you in my arms forever and whisper words of love and encouragement in your ear, because you absolutely deserve it.
  • I would have conquered the world with only one hand if it was you who was holding my other one.
  • I have seen a lot of precious things in my life, but you, my love, are definitely the most precious of them all. I will never let you go.
  • I can see a thousand of stars in the night sky, but there is only one star in my heart, and this, my darling, is you.
  • My love for you is without a reason. I just love you for an amazing, wonderful person you are, and I simply adore everything about you.
  • You are incredibly cute and sweet, and when I see your smile lighten up your face, I love you even more.
  • I was about to say something… but I looked at you and forgot what I wanted to say.
  • If there was a choice between loving you and breathing, my last breath would be used just to say that I love you.
  • You are not just my lover. You are my best friend, the one who I can trust and who always supports me, the one I can absolutely count on in everything, the love of my entire life. You are everything to me, my one and only love.
  • I love you so much that it hurts when you are not around, and it makes me happy when you are close to me.
  • You came into my life to fill the dark holes in my heart, and I just want to hold you close and not let go, because letting you go will bring back these holes.
  • Do you know why I believe in God? Because He gave me the greatest miracle – He brought me you.
  • I need you like the poet needs the pain and like the flowers need the rain. The living is wonderful, but living without you is hurtful. I am entirely yours – my body and soul fully belong to you.
  • I want to be with you, my darling. I want to meet the end of the world together with you because you would make any difficult moment easier.
  • I love the way you always wrap your arms around my neck. In your passionate embrace, I feel like I am protected from all the troubles and worries.
  • I love all the parts of your body and all the traits of your personality. There is not one part of you that I do not love.
  • I miss you so much, my sweetheart. All I can think about is hugging you tightly, and when this happens, I will be the luckiest person in the entire universe.
  • I wish you were here with me. Together, we could create so many more beautiful memories, because every day spent with you is a blessing to me.
  • In case we ever fight and you would want to resolve the misunderstanding, just kiss me.
  • You are the reason why I breathe. If you left, it would feel like my breathing is cut off.
  • To stop thinking about you is the most difficult task in the universe. I just keep thinking about all this time spent with you and it brings a huge smile to my face.
  • You are always with me, even when you are far away. Our memories together will not fade away in my mind, and they will always be in my heart.
  • You are making me the happiest person in the entire wide world by just existing. And when you are with me, I am beyond happy.
  • Everything I am is thanks to your love. Without your love, I have no idea where I would have been right now. You saved me from misery.
  • My life with you and without you is like two different worlds. You have totally changed my entire existence, and I want to thank you for sticking with me.
  • When you are with me, I always want to be close to you, just to hear the sound of your heart beating.
  • I always say that I love you, but you should know that I mean these words. I express what my heart feels when I say those three words to you.
  • If people say that nothing lasts forever, then let me be your “nothing”.
  • You inspire me to write poems and prose about love because with you I finally know what love is.
  • You always inspire me to become better, stronger, and more loving. You are my role model and the main source of inspiration, and I am so grateful to you for changing me for the better.
  • Is there a place where we could be alone, and people would not want to disturb us? Because I would love some alone time together with you.
  • You know what is one more thing I like the most about you? How you are always determined when there is something you really want, and how great your ambitions are. I always want to learn these qualities from you.

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  • You are the perfect woman for me, mainly because you are always so caring and sweet.
  • Without your text or call, my day immediately becomes worse.
  • I like the way you always treat me – with care, love, and attention. I only wish I could give you the same in return.
  • Sometimes I feel like without you in my life, I would have stepped on a dark path.
  • We met by chance, but I know that day was destiny. When we first talked, I knew we will become great friends. And when we became friends, I realized that I was in love with you. Now, I promise you that as long as I live, I will always love you.
  • When you are here with me, living on earth feels like heaven. I know that I do not need heaven as long as I am with you.
  • Girl, you are my lucky charm. Ever since I got together with you, everything in my life just started going in the right direction.
  • Seeing you with someone else is impossible. For me, you are only mine, and you will always be mine deep in my heart.
  • If I was asked what love means for me, I would not even hesitate – I would reply in just one world. For me, love is you.
  • It would take so long to list all the reasons why I love you. But the main reason is that you are the beautiful, lovely and charming person, and I am just magically drawn to you.
  • I wish I could just show you how much I love you, right here and right now.
  • Honey, do you know that after we meet, it is impossible to forget your fragrance, your touch and your smile for weeks?
  • My love for you will never end, and I mean these words. It is eternal and unstoppable, and if it ever changes, it will only change for the better.
  • One thing I love about you is that you do not lie to me and that it is obvious how your love for me is true.
  • In case your love is a dream, then I would not ever want to wake up from it, otherwise, my entire further life will be a nightmare.
  • Being with you makes life so easy for me, and it is amazing how your presence can change so much about me.
  • Whenever my phone rings and I see your name on the screen, my heartbeat instantly becomes faster. What have you done to me, girl?
  • As I give my heart to you, I promise you that I will never break yours as long as I live.
  • I am now thinking about you and wishing that I could sleep next to you. I would cuddle up to you and hold you in my arms, and it would feel like our loving souls unite.

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  • You are such an amazing person that you could have easily won anyone’s heart. Thank you for giving your love to me.
  • The vocabulary does not have enough words for describing how you make me feel. This special feeling next to you is the best thing ever.
  • When you are not here, I can compare my life to the puzzle which is incomplete. You are the biggest missing part of my puzzle, which makes it fall into place.
  • I love all these little things you do when you show your care for me. They only make me love and appreciate you more. Thank you for being here.
  • It is so important to me that you understand me. No one else could support me as well as you do. Thank you for putting up with all of my ideas and initiatives, and for being the best life partner I could wish for.
  • I will be there for you forever, in happy and sad moments, whenever you are excited or worried about something. I will never let you down.
  • Do you know what could make my day and cheer me up for the next twenty-four hours? It is your morning text.
  • I like how you never struggle to make me smile and laugh. Your jokes and bright outlook on life is really admirable, keep it up!
  • The way you dress is really tasteful, and you always know what to put on to look amazing.
  • When you are by my side, I always feel protected and safe and freed from all my worries. Thank you for the feeling of home that you give me.
  • I am missing you every day of my life when you are not with me. All the best days of my life have been connected with you in some way.
  • Just tell me when we will meet again, and I will finally have something to anticipate and live for.
  • The moment I first kissed you, I gave you everything. I gave you my body, my heart and soul, and a promise that as long as I live, my love for you will be the same.

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Keeping your girl in love with you is not that difficult if you really love her in the ALSO READ: 10 Tips on How to Make a Woman Feel Beautiful Inside and Out her to adore you more, you have to share and make her feel involved in your life. I have been doing this but my girlfriend has said to my that she needs time to.

Cute Girlfriend Or Boyfriend Quotes

My beautiful girlfriend, the love of my life

Whether you’re at the beginning of a new relationship or you already have history together, you should let you girlfriend know how you feel about her on every occasion.

A love message is always a good idea to remind your girlfriend how much you care about her, but we all know actions speak louder than words. Don’t wait until Valentine’s Day to make a nice gesture. Our dear ones should always be appreciated, not just on special occasions.

She’s there for you, understands you, and worries about you. It’s not everyday you find someone whose smile brightens up your day, so why not let everyone know your girlfriend is the best?

Sometimes it can be hard to find the right words to make her fall in love with you all over again. But don’t worry, we got you covered! You can choose a quote that fits the way you feel from the list we’ve prepared for you.

We’ll provide the nice words so you have the time to plan a romantic dinner. Deal?

Here are 25 sweet and lovely quotes to send to your girlfriend

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