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My love for you is constantly growing

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My love for you is constantly growing
February 12, 2019 Mother 5 comments

tags: growing, humanity, inspirational, inspirational-life, inspirational-love, But him to love you free like a wildfire, crazy like the moon, always like tomorrow.

When you’re in love, it consumes you. It’s all you think about.

Even when you aren’t thinking about it, you’re still thinking about it.

Matters of the heart are a strange byproduct of the human condition. Love saturates your heart, feeds it something it never knew it needed but now is desperate to be quenched by it.

When your lover isn’t near, you want him or her. You long for your partner's touch, even when his or her hand has just left your cheek.

You are addicted to your partner's scent. You find yourself in the happiest, most exquisitely peaceful state when you lie in your partner’s bed and can smell him or her on the sheets.

You’re so happy you found someone. You finally found someone you can see yourself with forever.

Finally, the universe threw you a bone.

Every day is a beautiful adventure. The thought of it ending feels like knives...

Losing your lover begins slowly.

Everything was perfect one day, and like a shift in the seasons, suddenly a crispy chill wisps through your life, signaling a coming change.

You wake up one morning and can just sense something is different. It’s a look in his or her eyes, sudden diminished warmth, a sudden distance. There is a kind of fog between the two of you that wasn’t there before.

Suddenly, the way he or she looks at you is different, and it makes you uneasy.

You ignore it. You push it off. You tell yourself this is nothing. It’s all in your head.

It’s an echo in your heart.

There’s hollowness in everything you do. You feel like an actor in your own life, and you’re the understudy who was never supposed to play the lead.

You are constantly on the edge of tears. You crave his or her love so emphatically it hurts. You feel the desperation hot and sticky on your skin. It feels like shame to need love so badly.

The loss is like an echo in your heart, a growing chasm that shows no sign of stopping.

The walls crumble away like mountain terrain before an impending avalanche.

It’s a slow process, moving in increments from day to day, the wound growing deeper and deeper, each moment more infected and festering than the last.

Your partner is disappearing.

You can feel him or her fading. It’s just a palpable loss. He or she just doesn’t seem interested in you anymore.

Gone are the small declarations of affection, the sweet unexpected kisses on street corners and shy reaches for your hand. Gone are the looks of tender, childlike wonder you once delighted in so fully.

So, you try to love enough for both of you. You show him or her affection twice as much; you kiss your partner as often as you can, hold him or her as much as you can.

You try to breathe your love into your partner, hoping if it can somehow reach him or her, it will warm his or her heart, and he or she will come back to you.

You replace sex with intimacy.

You try to have sex with him or her as much as you can. You hunger for your partner's touch. Sex is the only time you feel truly connected to your partner.

It's the only time he or she feels engaged with you. What you lack in emotional intimacy, you replace with physical intimacy. You long for any kind of connection and will do anything to get it.

When your partner's heart first pulled away, it felt like all of his or her color faded from the world, as if you were seeing him or her the same way you see characters on low-quality television.

Then your partner’s color progressed to grey shadows. He or she became smoke in your hands, as you tried to hold on with all of your might, to capture him or her in a net of your devotion.

You feel so utterly powerless.

It’s all so frustrating. You could tear your hair from your head. You wonder what you could possibly do to save this and think about how, if you could have loved your partner just a little bit more, this might not have happened.

You feel lost and worthless.

It breaks your heart to have to accept there is nothing you can do, and there is nothing you could have done.

Hot tears trail down your cheeks as you realize this person is never going to love you the way you want him or her to love you.

As wonderful as he or she may have seemed and how greatly you believed and invested in this love, it is not going to work out.

Being single again is scary.

The thought of going back on Tinder and accepting dinner invitations from strangers and creeps is almost too disheartening to bear.

Being thrown back into the world of singledom means going home to an empty apartment every night, reacquainting yourself with a radical social life and going back to old routines. It’s daunting.

It’s one of the reasons you hold on. You don’t want to venture back into that untamed, often vicious land.

It’s about liberating yourself.

It's tough when you give someone all your love and hope with all of your heart that it’s going to lead somewhere great, and then you find out this person is not who you thought he or she was.

The truth is, he or she is never going to be what you want. That may be the hardest thing to come to terms with.

Not to be trite, but he or she was, in fact, a Monet: so splendid and perfect for you from afar, but close up, he or she turns out to be so wrong.

There was so much good there, and yet, it wasn’t the right kind of good. The puzzle piece seemed like it was going to fit, but it just doesn’t.

It's more the sadness and desperate disappointment of not attaining what could have been that makes this situation so difficult.

Life always seems to be a gigantic "could have been," no? But you have to end it because there is no coming back from it.

He or she just isn’t going to get there. Not how you imagined. Ever.

For all the hollowness you feel at suddenly being alone, you can still feel a sense of liberation.

You can be happy knowing you've freed yourself to find someone who will truly love you the way you deserve to be loved.

Because, even if you don’t feel this way right now, you truly do deserve to be loved.

As the ocean has no end, so does my love for you. • I'm a big But I'll always love you like there's no tomorrow. . To grow yourself, start by knowing yourself.

The Absolute Tragedy Of Watching Someone Fall Out Of Love With You

My love for you is constantly growing

How do you get passed the big fight?
with tears, the hurtful words exchanged,
when the yelling simmer’s down to silent breaths over the phone
where your laying and blankly staring at the ceiling and you hear:

“You know I love you right?
Tell me we will be okay, tell me it’ll be fine
nothing will change, we will still be us.”

But that was the problem we needed to change each other.

It’s the moment you believe that love is not about losing or winning, or egos.

You're a team, you are best friends.

Love is truly just a few moments in time, followed by an eternity of situations to grow from,

love on the contrary to what people believe is change.

It’s the moment in the relationship that had become not just a destination but a lifelong quest to keep watering each other, and growing for one another.

Relationships aren’t movies,
falling in love is not enough,
staying in love will always be work,
realizing you can’t survive just on love.

He said he doesn’t change….

Who he was at 17 is who he is at 23, and who he’ll be at 30.

I couldn’t understand that logic, to me life is about change.

To adapt, to evolve, to learn, to love someone other than yourself.

But to fall in love we have to take risk of changing yourself for this person — you are giving them power to change you — your soul knows that — there is an egotism between two,

yes, we deserve that honeymoon period where it’s rainbows and cute and perfection all the time,

but love has to expand, has to grow, has to change you.

If you don’t change each other — how can you really love someone?

Every love you have is an opportunity,
the gift is in the interaction and the connection with this person,
whether it lasts forever or not.

I was a caterpillar when I met him in a cocoon of his world — and now that I became a butterfly he’s upset because his high school dreams never went too far.

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8 Reasons Why Love Is Something You Grow Into (Not Something You Feel Immediately)

My love for you is constantly growing


I could kiss you a thousand times and still not be satisfied. My love for you is endless, and so tender, and so complete. I love you more and more with each passing day, and it eases my mind to know as tomorrow approaches, that I will love you more tomorrow than yesterday, and tomorrow I will love you more than today. My love for you cannot even be expressed in words, but only when we are together and you are holding me tight.

When I think of our love, it reminds me of all the things you mean to me. You and only you have given me so much hope and have made me realize how much I need you, too. You show the true meaning of how a man should treat a woman.

Rodney, please accept my heart as your own and listen to both of our hearts beating as one. You are my reason to live. Without you, I am nothing. The years will be a test, but nothing will keep me from loving you, or from being by your side. I love you more than you could ever know; you are my world. I just want to let you know how much I love all that you are and will grow to be. You are truly my love, my soul mate, and my best friend.

For the first time in my life, I have something to believe in. You've seen me at my worst and still take me as I am. I thank God for you every day because I know you are an angel who is heaven sent. I love you from now till death do us part.

Right now you live far away from me and it's killing me, but I know in my heart that we will make it through this. I don't want to lose you to anyone else or to anything that anyone has to say about me. I want you to know I love you from the deepest part of my heart. I'm always so lost for words when it comes to you. I just wish there was another way that we could be together.

I want you and always will. There is nothing that will ever change the way I feel about you. I love you! Love can make a person do things that they never thought possible. There's a place in me where your fingerprints still rest, your kisses still linger, and your whispers softly echo. It's the place where a part of you will forever be a part me. I promise that you will always be in my heart. I love you.

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When your lover isn't near, you want him or her. You long for You are constantly on the edge of tears. You crave his or love so badly. The loss is like an echo in your heart, a growing chasm that shows no sign of stopping.

Real Love Quotes

My love for you is constantly growing

My Love for You Grows Stronger Everyday Quotes: Let every day in your life count. Express your love for him or her every day.

With my love for you grows stronger everyday quotes, messages, poems and sayings let him or her know that your love grows stronger for them every day.


My Love for You Grows Stronger Everyday Quotes

My Love for You Grows Stronger Everyday every single second of my life

My love for you will never fill your heart, as My Love for You Grows Stronger Every day.

Just like the ocean has no end, the same way my love for you grows every single day.

Darling, I cannot resist being close to you, I want you to be my world. My love for you grows everyday

How can I ever stop loving you, my love for you grows stronger every day. You are my one and only true love. I love you.

With every strength of my body, every beat of my heart, my love for you grows deeper every day.

I have never felt this way in my heart, my love for you is getting stronger everyday

Yesterday I loved you, today i love you even more. Everyday that passes i love you more.

My Love Grows Deeper Everyday Quotes

Each passing day, my love for you grows deeper; I cannot imagine a world without you. I love you.

Every night, I always find you in my dreams, in real life you are my world. My love grows deeper everyday for you.

Every day that passes, my love for you grows deeper and stronger.

I can always feel you close to me even if you are not around. I want you to be beside me forever. My love for you grows deeper every day.

Our love is growing stronger every day; I deeply love you with all my heart.

My heart only beats for you, I cannot live without you. My love grows deeper everyday for you.

My Love for You Grows Everyday Quotes

You are beautiful and have a kind heart; my love for you is strong. My love for you grows every day.

Darling, I love you now and will always love you till the end of tome as my love for you grows stronger every day.

I only care about your happiness, because I adore you, you are the sunshine of my life. Day by day my love grows stronger.

You are the light of my life, the happiness that overwhelms my heart. Everyday my love for you grows stronger.

I think of you every second of my life and every time I think of you, my love for you grows stronger and stronger.

You have the most beautiful soul that I have ever met, whenever you are around, you bring so much joy to my heart. My love for you increases every day.

My love for you is so strong; there is nothing that can come between us. I love you dearly.

It is becoming hard for me to stay away from you, my love for you grows stronger each passing day.

You are the love of my life, your love gets me through the day, my love for you increased day by day from the day I met you.

So much has changed over the past years but my love for you grows stronger every day. Thank you my love for bringing joy into my life.

My love for you will never change, it grows stronger each day. I love you sweetheart.

No matter the distance my love for you grows stronger every day. I always turn to God to bless and keep you for me.

Because of you, I have a reason to be happy. Your love lives in my soul. My love for you is pure and grows stronger every day.

Sweetheart, time is the best answer since the day I met you, I have never imagined a life without you because my love for you grows stronger everyday

There is nothing as beautiful as knowing you are in my life, you are my sunshine and my love for you grows stronger every day.

You’re the only person I will always consider as my true love. You have always been there for me. I really appreciate your time and love. My love for you grows stronger everyday.

My Love for You Grows Stronger Everyday Poem

My love for you grows stronger everyday
My heart yearns for your presence
You fill my heart with your unending love
A day does not pass without thinking of you
I am a captive in your love

Every day I want to tell you how I feel
though I am terrified how you will react
Will you accept or reject me
Everyday my love for you grows stronger

Your beautiful smile blows my mind away
My heart melts when I see you
I would like to show you how much I love you
You are a treasure to my heart
My love for you grows stronger everyday

I love you for your kind heart
You are there for me when I need you most.
You fill my heart with pride as you believe in me
Each and every day, my love for you grows stronger

I Will Never Grow Tired Of You Poem

I can remember the day we met
Looks like it was yesterday
The memories are so clear
I will never grow tired of you

No matter where you go
No matter the distance
You are my heart desire
I will never grow tired of you

You are the one
Whom I live for
No matter where you are
You are in my dreams

People have said a lot
No matter what you do
I will never grow tired of you
I still have hope, you are meant to be mine

Let’s start again
Life is a bed of roses
There are ups and downs
I will never grow tired of you sweetheart

The love we share is real
I can feel it
My heart tell me so
I will never grow tired of you
You are my true love

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My love for you is constantly growing
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